At what point do television viewers, fans, production crew, and doctors call out or call on a parent for allowing a young child access to social media, along with viewing mom’s private parts and taping mom’s cosmetic procedures involving “lady parts,” as Farrah Abraham calls her money makers?

It’s one thing when a parent, like Farrah, makes poor choices, but quite different and at an entirely new level of appalling when medical professionals allow a child in a room with a parent having procedures performed.

It’s beyond the time to ask: What in the world is Farrah Abraham thinking?

Let’s not say she isn’t thinking or that her parenting is avant garde.

Former reality star surpasses hot mess

In the past, she could pass as just another one of reality television’s hot mess cast members with extreme behavior intended to attract viewers and bolster ratings. While many viewers cringed and commented that they wouldn’t want to be that person. Watching might have even led some people to feel better about themselves, saying such things as, “I’m not that bad” and “It could be worse” look at so and so.

With Farrah Abraham, there is a child involved and who is central in her life choices, many of which have shocked and disgusted viewers and critics, as well as fans and social media followers.

Farrah sends daughter message that she is not ‘good enough’

Farrah is sending her own child the exact opposite message of what she purports – after filing a lawsuit against MTV and its parent company Viacom for allegedly body-shaming her or whatever she deduced and accused the companies of doing against her that was so egregious.

MTV reportedly asked Farrah to choose. She was told to select between continuing with its branded franchise of “Teen Mom” programs or continue her career aspirations as an adult entertainer, pitching her body for pay, pandering sex toys, and promoting lingerie.

To have to make such a choice should be a woman’s right, or something to that effect.

She, now, holds herself out as an activist and pillar of strength, a shining example for women. Uh-huh, that makes sense, just like running for cosmetic alterations for instantaneous breast enlargement, refining one’s nose, and changing a chin.

Nothing like making certain her daughter is fully aware of what it means to be a strong woman in contemporary society and having financial resources to buy new features or get replacements. What are the messages behind the actions? “You’re not good enough. You don’t like it? Pay and get it fixed.”

So put off and humiliated was Farrah by the ultimatum that MTV producers presented to her that she just had to file a lawsuit, which has since been settled by the parties involved.

Involving daughter in questionable procedures is incomprehensible

The former reality show member is free to affect decisions and outcomes that relate to her, along with the use of her image and her body. To involve her nine-year-old daughter, Sophia, in her choices and make her a part of the public purview is beyond the scope of comprehension for many people. Quite evident, now, is that social media users have noticed and have balked at Farrah’s antics and, as some see it, publicity stunts to keep herself and her pitches relevant.

Where is Child Protective Services?

People haven’t stated that they don’t care, since many have commented, reflecting the depth of their awareness and consciences. The same question has been asked countless times and by numerous people: Where is Child Protective Services?

The most recent act that has drawn the ire of many online is the fact that Farrah also made the video of her “lady parts” being revamped and accessible to Sophia, who commented during the procedure. OK Magazine, CafeMom, and additional sources have reported on both the live stream and Sophia’s access, replete with responses. Appropriate viewing? Many adults don’t even want to watch. Why would a child? Curiosity? Or, mom told her to watch?

Prior to her private parts getting cosmetic enhancement, a tune-up, or whatever the procedure entails, Farrah allowed her daughter to videotape butt filler injections. That’s right. Her nine-year-old daughter was in the room taping and could be heard suggesting that her mother do “squats” instead of having her butt plumped via needles.

Questions also raised about doctors and staff

That also raises the question about medical professionals and personnel who allow a child in the room to watch, alongside two dogs – also seen in the video. Sounds sanitary, doesn’t it?

One or two instances might lead to saying, “Bad decisions.” The heart of the problem is that the list of ill-thought or calculated poor choices goes on and on and on….

MTV wasn’t aware, Dr. Drew Pinksy didn’t know, and Sophia’s grandparents shrugged it off? What is it exactly that makes it okay for a parent to do all of the following (documented by media and The Ashley’s Reality RoundUp, for instance):

  • Waxing and tweezing Sophia’s eyebrows when she was a mere three-years-old;
  • Allowing her seven-year-old daughter to “model” bikinis in sexualized poses;
  • Stating that she spoke with Sophia in 2013 in a manner that one adult does with another adult, “Like a friend” about Farrah’s “Backdoor Teen Mom” porn tape;
  • Having nude photos of each other on their respective cell phones. Why? What’s the purpose?
  • Farrah granting her daughter the okay to read novels entitled “Celebrity Sex Tape” (of course penned by Farrah) whenever whatever age Sophia might read the books. Problem? Well, by golly, Sophia’s going to learn at some point that Farrah is sexual. That’s Farrah’s rationale.

Again, to beg the question that many have been asking for a long while: Where is Child Protection Services?

Farrah's ‘lady parts’ have more privacy than daughter

When Farrah was in the midst of having her vagina stuff done by a doctor and live streaming for Sophia and all the world to watch, the doctor asked Farrah if she want to show the “stuff” removed. Yuck isn’t a strong enough word but will have to suffice since it left so many speechless.

Farrah vacillated. She wasn’t sure whether she did want others seeing her “stuff.” Farrah told the doctor, “I’m protective of my lady parts.” What??? She’s protective of her vaginal removal “stuff,” but doesn’t really care what her daughter sees or reads, will quite readily give her daughter access to post on Twitter and Instagram, will share countless photos of Sophia with the world? But she’s protective of her “lady parts?”

Farrah Abraham’s “lady parts” have more privacy than her nine-year-old daughter. Please, it’s important: Where is Child Protective Services?