'American Idol' sent Laine Hardy home during the Hollywood week solo round. Like so many of his growing fan base, I was upset.

I felt the judges had made a grave error. Thousands of fans were broken when he was sent home, but it was not a bad thing.

'American Idol' country singer Laine, was never going to be an Idol

Laine Hardy stood no chance to go through to the finals. He was never going to be an American Idol. Now before you click away and get all angry, hear me out. Laine has a velvet voice. He has something almost indefinable. He has soul.

I have seen fans on Instagram describe him as an 'old soul.' He can raise the hairs on your arm with his singing. Laine Hardy deserved to win "American Idol," but I am glad he did not.

He would never have won, even if he had passed through the solo round. You see, in Politically Correct America, he is not PC. But luckily for Laine Hardy fans and luckily for Laine, he does not live in PC America. He lives in rural Louisiana.

In rural Louisana, his profile would not matter. Here we have a young man who likes to hunt alligators. He loves squirrels and he likes to 'burn gas,' according to "American Idol." Can you just imagine the outcry from Washington, DC, and the liberal states if he had won?

Firstly, he hunts animals, and those people who live in giant cities are very far removed from nature, but they believe all animals are sacrosanct.

So hunting anything is a huge "No-No." Whether we like it or not everything has political overtones these days. Despite Trump being in office through a fair and square election process - the anti-Trump lobby would sooner slit their wrists than have a bible belt boy made a celebrity. Trump won 58.1 percent of the Louisiana vote.

Laine Hardy was never going to go down well with liberals

Secondly, Laine likes to "burn gas," according to what he told the judges at his audition. Luke Bryan was all over that in a good way, but let's face it - this is not good from a Liberal viewpoint. Firstly, Laine likes to burn gas - "what about fossil fuels and global warming," I hear the liberals shrieking!

"Burning gas" for generations of young men across the globe usually involves a Saturday morning downtown (no matter how small it is), looking at the young ladies. Can you hear the liberals in your head screaming away about an "American Idol" star named Laine Hardy "burning gas" to check out the ladies? In politically correct terms, Laine Hardy is "objectifying women."

Laine likes squirrels. That would have gone down fine, but Laine Hardy is not LGBTQ. He is not a female in the aftermath of the #MeToo movement. He has no tattoos. He is also not a 'person of color.' He also appears to not have any disabilities. This means that Laine Hardy had almost no chance of getting through to win the "American Idol" 2018.

Talent and Hollywood are too PC these days

Talent and Hollywood are about being politically correct and has very little to do with any talent in 2018. Sorry, Laine Hardy - wrong gender, wrong color, wrong state and wrong upbringing.

Now, this might sound like a bad thing for Laine Hardy, if you were holding out that he would get through to the top 10 at least - or possibly even win "American Idol, but it is totally not wrong. It is the best thing that could have happened. I watched Laine Hardy from the moment I had to Google his name to find out who this young man was with the velvet voice. Back then, he had 350 followers on his social media. Now I see that since he was sent home by the "American Idol" judges, more than 50,000 people follow him on his music fan page on Facebook.

I see thousands of people reading my articles about him. I see his Instagram likes and following growing by the minute.

Laine Hardy won't be packaged and marketed like an exotic sausage

We have far too many people packaged and marketed like dummies in the entertainment industry today. Laine can now go his own way. He can, and will, find an agent with a brain who is not politically correct. He will be the new breath of fresh air for country music. He will, above all else, get there through his own endeavors, albeit with a 'Little help' from his friends."

Laine Hardy is unique, he is blessed, he is a beautiful voice crying out from the wilderness. As Leonard Cohen once sang of America - "it's here we have a spiritual thirst." The thirsty people with no political agenda will support and follow Laine Hardy, the wanna-be "American Idol," who is better off without being a package deal.