It is very sad that the great physicist Stephen Hawking is no longer with us. After Albert Einstein, Hawking was the only person who unlocked the hidden secrets of the universe and space. His notable works "A Brief History of Time," "The Theory of Everything," "The Big Bang Theory," "Black Holes," and many others have completely changed the direction of science.

When I was a small kid, I used to talk about space and universe with my siblings and cousins, but that time we used to make our own stories about space. I even did not know the basic principles on which our universe works.

But, I have been curious since my childhood. I did not have the internet facility in my childhood like I have told you in my latest article. So, whatever I have learned about space beyond the books was from cable TV. Every day when my mom used to do household chores, I switched the TV on to find something interesting to watch on Discovery channel.

When I saw Stephen Hawking on TV for the first time

One day, I was watching an episode of the "Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking" about time travel on Discovery channel. It was the first time when I saw Hawking on television. I watched the whole episode with my full attention, although my mother scolded me because I did not go for studies. He talked about time travel which I had never heard in my life before.

That night, I went to the roof of my house and was staring at the night sky for long, thinking about Hawking's explanation about time travel. From that moment, I became interested in the secrets of the universe and time.

Hawking had a wonderful mind

Hawking had been suffering from a motor neuron disease for his entire life. He was very young when he came to know about this incurable disease.

As soon as he grew older, he lost his abilities to walk, talk, and move. Sometimes, I think that a human body is very weak to store knowledge beyond its limits. So, if a person tries to unlock his level of the brain, I think he must pay back something to nature like a tax.

Hawking has influenced me very much. Every night, I like to go stargazing and always try to find something in the infinite sky with my naked eyes.

Talking about space and Hawking's discoveries are some of my hobbies. Some days ago, I made a video, "Why our universe is black in the night," and published it on my YouTube channel. Now Hawking is not with us, but we will always remember him and cherish his contribution to science. You can check out the video below.