Without a doubt, the days after ending a long, love-filled relationship are the most emotionally stressful times for a human being. There’s an empty feeling that ties the stomach in knots, and there's the sad, sad realization that from now on, the bed is going to have one less person in it at night. So why not hook up with the pretty guy at the bar? What could possibly go wrong? It might be a rebound. A Rebound Relationship is when a person dates another in order to get over their ex. In simple terms: a bad idea.

The idea of a rebound relationship comes from the basketball term in which a player grabs the ball after a shot is missed.

In this case, the ball is the person who was dumped, and the rebounder is the unlucky girl or guy now in a rebound relationship. So, in order to prevent this type of relationship, what is a person supposed to do? Where should someone go from here?

The pet store.

Why a pet fish?

For those who value their college education and prefer not to get kicked out of the dorm, a pet Fish is the best choice since they’re typically the only pet allowed. For those who value their well-being, a fish doesn’t have any animal hairs, so no allergic reactions here. Not only that, but fish are quiet creatures that don’t make a lot of fuss and don’t get anxiety if left alone for long periods of time. They’ve got better things to worry about…like fish taxes.

Fish are also beautiful to look at.

A pet fish is also completely dependent on the owner, which means that the owner will be spending more time making sure their fish is happy and living in a healthy environment, and less time thinking about their ex. The way that fish move is relaxing to watch, a good calming effect for a stressful time.

Along with that, fish might not be great conversationalists, but they are great listeners. So, rant about that ex until your heart wears out. The fish doesn’t mind.

The fish challenge

Now, taking care of a fish is like riding a bike through a tornado, knowing full well that it’s going to be fine once the tornado has passed. For one fish in a small tank, it will cost about $100.

Beyond that point, it’s smooth sailing so long as the food is regularly bought, the tank is regularly cleaned, and the fish is regularly fed.

Make sure the tank is conditioned with water conditioner and don’t forget to change about 35% of the tank’s water every other week. This will help your fish stay alive. The hardest part about the first fish is making sure they don’t die, so read all the instructions, do research, and take care of that fish like it’s your newborn baby.

In short, fish provide distraction because they have so much startup care and completely rely on their owner for survival. It’s a bit codependent, but it’s better to put all of that emotional energy into caring for a fish than it is to put that energy into a relationship that you might not want in the first place.