Science and technology influence us greatly. Because of that, some of us have started losing our faith in God. I am not 60 or 70 years old, I am a young man. I was born when technology was just stepping into our daily lives. So, I can say that I grew up without the pervading influence that technology has over our lives today.

I do agree that new technology, gadgets, and inventions are very helpful and have made our lives quite easy. My point is not to say anything bad about today's technology but to note that we are so busy with this stuff that we are losing our faith in the laws of nature.

Science is not superior to nature

I do not think we should quit using technology, but we should think about that particular source or hidden energy which binds us together. "God" is a very small word, but it has a vast meaning. Every religion has its own version of god, and some of them are anthropomorphic, while some just believe in a particular source.

During my 22 years of life, I have learned one thing: we are here for some reason. Our existence is not meaningless, but a big mystery to solve, or maybe we would never know about it. Despite these facts, science is not superior to nature. Yes, nature is everything that we see around ourselves. The plants, land, air, animals, wind, rivers, sea, oceans are all natural.

These are the things which were not created by science. We can live without science but not without nature.

Life is a real mission

So, we should always thank that energy which created our beautiful nature. I do want to say one thing. We do not know our mission on Earth. But, we all play a part, in this great story, before we die.

We may measure a person's accomplishments after they die, and decide how they will be remembered. Suppose that all of these accomplishments were that person's mission on the earth? Now, if we say that we must keep doing a thing, then it's not our mission but just a path on which nature is sending us. We should find our mission on our own.

All humans are equal, and all of us have been contributing something to the development of the human race. But our contributions are not the same. There have been many great people in man's history whose contribution to the race was outstanding. Some of them have changed the world completely, but it did not happen intentionally.

We all have potential to do what these great people have done, but not all of us are lucky enough to achieve it. So, we do such things as are in our power to accomplish.