The British Isles is presently in the grip of hysteria against Russia. Many people, including Jeremy Corbyn of the Labour Party, have said that this condemnation of Russia is way ahead of the evidence against the Russians over the spy poisoning incident. Yahoo news has reported that a polite letter by the head of the European Union to Vladimir Putin the Russian president on his recent victory in the general election has infuriated the English. The letter talked of a mutually beneficial defense and military relationship and re-establishment of pan-European security.

Hysteria in England

The death of the double agent and his daughter has opened what looks like a genie from the bottle. it appears that the British' long pent-up anger against Russia has erupted with the poisoning of the Russian spy.

It is not explained by the British as to why the Russians would try to kill this double agent who was in their custody for years and was released by them and allowed to go to the UK. Unfortunately, reason is the last quality that the Britishers are showing at the moment. They have mostly been stripped of their world power status and made an outsider of the EU after Brexit.

With Donald Trump not beating the drum against Russia, the British must be wondering what happened to the world.

The letter by Jean-Claude Juncker is like the last straw breaking the camels back.There is no doubt that most of the countries are lukewarm to the hysteria which is pervading England

The world

The Russian spy who was a double agent was killed by being administering a nerve poison. Without waiting for conclusive evidence, the British have accused Russia and the Russian President Vladimir Putin of ordering the assassination of the Russian spy.

All over the world people are not much concerned about this incident and in Asia and Africa, it is not even creating a ripple. Even the American president has congratulated Putin on his election victory and did not mention a word about the poisoning incident. This is hurting to the British who all along have boasted of a special relationship with the United States.


Donald Trump is aspiring for greatness and he has thought it fit not to beat the drum against Russia in the spy poisoning incident. In any case, many of the observers feel that the British are putting the cart before the horse by jumping to conclusions that Russia was the perpetrator of this crime without the investigation having been completed


The British are involved in a tortuous divorce from the EU on Brexit and they have burnt their bridges with the EU. In addition, the attacks against Donald Trump on his statements condemning Islamic terrorism have not gone down well with the president.

Theresa May needs to look inwards and not try and build up hysteria over the death of the Russian spy for the simple reason that the spy's security was the responsibility of the British government.

She should not cry wolf against Russia and build up mass hysteria. Iy is not something that will of benefit to the United Kingdom. Theresa May needs to think about the Islamic terrorist groups and modules that have spread in the UK, rather than waste time on flogging the Russian bogie.