Video gamers are among the proudest competitors in the world. The bragging rights that come from achievements, hours played, and accumulated score are worn like badges of honor. Which is why it is our duty to ensure the next generation of gamers are aptly trained for their future battles; this list contains some of the perfect games to do just that:

1.) 'Rocket League'

A game that is built around fast cars, arena battles, and sports. There is no better game to settle a dispute in than with rocket-propelled cars. The high octane gameplay merges perfectly with adrenaline pumping feeling of victory post-match.

'Rocket League' is a surefire way to ensure the future of gaming is on peak performance.

2.) 'Player Unknown's: Battlegrounds'

Battle Royale, last team standing, tactical gameplay, Need I say more? 'Player Unknown's Battlegrounds' has established itself as a gamers' mountain to climb; with a promise of the fabled "Chicken Dinner" waiting for you at the top. We can all remember the first time we sat with our friends and decimated the competition, so what better way than to keep the tradition going than in 'Player Unknowns: Battlegrounds.'

3.) 'Cuphead'

Remember the days where we practically lived for Saturday morning cartoons? Well, now you can live them in the ultimate throwback to classic animation.

The budding gamers are sure to love the wacky colors, vibrant characters, and addictive gameplay... as well as giving the mature gamers something brilliant to sink their teeth into. 'Cuphead' is good, clean fun for all.

4.) 'Super Mario Odyssey'

Mario. The man, the myth, the legend. He is a name that all gamers are familiar with.

Whether you are a fan or not, you cannot deny that this little Italian plumber has shaped the landscape of gaming for generations. 'Super Mario: Odyssey' deserves a place on this list for two reasons: as a sign of respect for a Godfather of gaming, but also because 'Super Mario: Odyssey' is a phenomenal game. It combines everything we love about Mario's platforming adventures, to the familiar-faced villains.

Young, or old, Mario can provide hours of feel-good fun for anyone. Not as competitive as the other games, but enough of a challenge to keep everyone entertained.

5.) 'Minecraft'

As far as chose your own adventure games to go, there are many choices to chose from - but 'Minecraft' is leading the way in this genre. The realm of gaming captures the imagination of the players, and there is no better testimony to that than being able to build just about anything that pops into your mind. Let the vivid imaginations of the kids run wild in this if-you-can-dream-it, you-can-make-it simulator. With emphasis placed on inventory management, tactical efficiency, and item resourcefulness - every inch of a gamer's abilities will be tested thoroughly.

6.) 'Fortnight'

So maybe the future of gaming hasn't taken too much to the bloodshed in PUBG, but maybe the more creative and relaxed pace of 'Fortnight' will capture their imagination. Just like PUBG's battle royale format, 'Fortnight' allows for the combination of Minecraft-styled building creation. Like a homage to the good-old-days of Lego, build your way to victory in this free to play epic multiplayer arena.

7.) 'Yooka-Laylee'

'Yooka-Laylee' is a throwback to the late 90's of Video Games. With references to 'Conkers Bad Fur Day' and 'Spyro The Dragon' - you can run wild in this cartoony creation. 'Yooka-Laylee' hits the perfect balance between goofy and loopy, with enough content to have you playing for hours.

8.) 'Stardew Valley'

I imagine that the future of mobile gaming will reach a point where all of the console titans will be converted into a manageable app that you can take anywhere. 'Stardew Valley' is a tribute to the easy-to-play games that make the hours pass like minutes. Wholesome and atmospheric, this game teaches you how to look after your hard work - which is a valuable trait to possess as an avid gamer. While it may not be the hyper gameplay of 'Rocket league' or 'Cuphead' - the sense of adventure is heightened endlessly.

9.) 'Pokemon GO!'

With all of these amazing sofa-filling games, it might be time to take a step outside... but who said the gaming had to stop there? Get the children racing around the garden catching their favorite Pokemon and claiming the title of "Champion of The Local PokeGym" A health-friendly game which will ensure the kids will sleep soundly that night.

We all know the key to a successful day of gaming is a good nights sleep... assuming you don't play into the early hours of the morning.

10.) 'Injustice 2'

This list ends with arguably one of the most friendship-ending video game genres... the fighting game. A competitive brawl where two mortal enemies take to the virtual streets and settle their differences with their digital fists. The feeling you get when you unleash an unstoppable combo on someone is one of the reasons gaming is so addictive, let alone when you're playing as The Batman. Watch the young ones light up when they get to play as their heroic idols, and you can sit back, knowing that you may be inspiring the world's next great hero.

With all of these fantastic games, there is no doubt in my mind that the future of video gaming will be a place full of talent. As the saying goes: the game may change, but the players stay the same.