"Super Mario" is considered as one of the best and most favorite games of all times. It can be played by people of all ages. It has been a month after E3 2017 and the confirmation of "Super Mario Odyssey." While the game is still an earworm out of people's head, Nintendo recreated a "Super Mario Odyssey" trailer in "dark souls 3."

Fans of "Dark Souls" were surprised to see Mario's hat replacing the female version of the Sorcerer's Hat in the original "Dark Souls." Some were also fascinated to see a character jumping up as high in the air with a song in the background playing jazzy lyrics.

When it comes to the gameplay, jumping is considered as one of the most favorite things to do in a "Mario" game. The game features all of the jumps in "Super Mario 64" with some additional new ones.

Difference with the old 'Mario' games

Everyone's favorite plumber is known to venture the Mushroom Kingdom for him to save Princess Peach. Over the years, he traversed the lava-covered landscapes, the haunted mansions, and even the scorching deserts. However, his adventures in the new installment are unlike any of what gamers have seen in a lot of different ways.

"Super Mario Odyssey" will be the first open-world installment. Instead of Luigi, his new sidekick, Cappy, will also be introduced.

Who is Cappy?

The iconic red hat that Mario always wear during his quests will finally come to life and will help the players solve the puzzles and defeating enemies. Cappy's biggest task is to assist Mario in taking down enemies and gaining their powers. If Cappy hurls at Bullet Bill, Mario will temporarily transform into a super-sized flying bullet.

Cappy can also help him maneuver around the stages. He can turn into a platform that Mario can jump on to get some boost. It will be convenient when the player is already on the stage with hard-to-reach items and even platforms.

The goal of a classic "Mario" game is to finish a stage before the time runs out. However, with "Super Mario Odyssey," the worlds the player will encounter will not come with timetables.

Instead, the players need to collect the tokens called Power Moons to fuel the airship.

Multiplayer feature

"Super Mario Odyssey" allows two players to play the game. One player can control Mario while the other one can maneuver the magical red hat. This allows the players to play strategically. One player can navigate through the course, and the other one can take the lead in taking down enemies.