Are aliens our excuse for not evolving as we should? I'm serious. I see massive ink being spilled on anything and everything beyond this planet. But on analysis, we treat the rest of space just as we do earth, and that does not recommend us as candidates for merit badges out there. Besides who says there are other specimens of the humanoid kind out there? And what would we do if we encountered people like us? Would we not flee?

Littering is in today's headlines since Elon Musk just left a car up there. Who grants permission for this sort of grandstanding?

Who gives audience to poor souls who merely want to question what the technoid crowd wants to do? In my opinion, we need a world made up of small democracies gathered into something like city-states, but minus the violence. If the trade-off for this is the chance to search forever for what we call intelligent life, I will opt for small democracies sans nukes.


Let's do some serious analysis. It has taken us more billions of years than we can conceive of to evolve from remarkably intelligent slime to free human beings. That freedom which was the crown of evolution has proved iffy. It leads to choice and choice is the parent of decisions. Elon is a good example of this process. He founds PayPal, which is a reasonably smart operation that makes sense.

Then he gets into cars, which is a supremely questionable decision. Unfortunately, idolatry has such power that cars are deemed objects of worship and people will go into mountains of debt just to be able to leave one hanging as litter in outer space.

A serious look at us suggests that we can celebrate infatuation with space and at the same time tolerate a world that routinely defends abuse and bullying as a forgivable sin.

Has no one ever considered that any sort of hurt and harm is what evil actually is? Jonathan Swift did. Lewis Carroll did. Such is the fate of dead Englishmen.


Sure, some Slack for the space addicts. They are the winners after all. This impulse to find others out there is indefatigable. But there is another impulse which I champion on the basis that it deserves to be in the majority.

It is the impulse to move the world to democracy and nonviolence before we get hopped up about how great we might be elsewhere. We have a president who actually believes things were great in the past. He doesn't seem to like the world as it is or will be. Should we cut him some slack as well?

I say let's consider that reality by any name wants us to evolve right here and now so we do not kill the world and ourselves as well with debt, drugs and everything else that ails us. Triadic philosophy is about getting that piece of evolution done.