After reading the headline of this article, you may be questioning how it is possible that men wearing heels have the influence to empower other women. As someone that has never really been a fan of reality shows, I was reluctant to watch Ru Paul's Drag Race at first. After stepping out my television comfort zone, I have fallen in love with the show. I'm about to explain why the hit show is an inspiration for women all Around The World.

The game

If you aren't familiar with the show yourself, the premise of the show is a bit like an America's Next Top Model spoof.

Fourteen drag queens enter the show competing with each other to measure their talents in various tasks such as photo shoots, acting, dancing and a sassy runway walk at the end of each show. Every episode, one contestant is instructed to "sashay away" (eliminated). This process is repeated every episode until in the end we are left with a winner - the next drag superstar. The show is presented by the beautiful and charismatic drag queen Ru Paul, who picked up an Emmy for being an outstanding host.


Although we are in the 21st century and things are indeed moving along and progressing when it comes to things like cross-dressing and the LGBT community, it is no secret that the world is not perfect when it comes to acceptance.

Just last year, Russia almost banned a film for merely having a gay character. Despite most likely having to deal with intolerance often, the gorgeous drag queens on the show have something that most natural born women long for - confidence. In fact, I feel as though the word "confidence" does not do their empowerment justice and we may need to invent a whole new word for these self-assured girls.

I'm yet to watch an episode that isn't drenched in poise, courage, fearlessness and determination. This kind of confidence becomes contagious and after watching an episode, I feel able to take on the world in any way possible and I am tempted to strut up and down my living room in my tallest heels.


Not only are the participants oozing with confidence, they have overwhelming talent.

These queens have mastered the art of makeup, dance, comedy, acting and to top it all off most of their killer outfits are handmade. I can't help but feel this level of talent is completely taken for granted in today's society. Imagine Michael Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jaclyn Hill, Chris Rock and Donatella Versace morphed into one person. How often do you come across people with this variety of talent? This show has 14 of them every season!

I guess the point I am trying to make here is that although the show is entertaining, funny and exciting, Ru Paul's Drag Race is also a showcase for valuable role models.

The faith and motivation these girls have when it comes to chasing their dreams is endlessly admirable along with the insane amount of talent they possess. If you need a pick me up today - put this show on and be enthralled by these unique characters.