Triadic Philosophy is touching on the so-called big problems in this series on triadic solutions. But do you know what? Some of the problems are located very close to home. I am not talking about the USA. I am talking about us. If you want to learn more, pay close attention to the video I have included with this. My subject is World population.

There are more armchair experts on this subject than almost any other. But it turns out that we are in the midst of what may well be an unprecedented solution to problems that have been rife since the days of Malthus.

In essence, we are talking about a number -- 2.5. That is the number of children per family that is becoming standard throughout the world. We are moving in the direction of ten billion but my guess is that we will remain there or a bit below that figure. We are witnessing the move of the world toward oneness in ways we never dreamed of fifty years ago. Watch the video.

So what?

So now I am going to diverge from my typical format. Instead of concluding with an act or expression rising from a look at the ethics suggested by the words tolerance helpfulness and democracy, I will introduce you to the main action agenda of triadic philosophy. That agenda is called cybercommunities.

Though population may be less the problem we take it to be, we still have the reality in which the world lives.

That reality is in need of a radical makeover from the bottom up. Fortunately, it can be done without war or even mega-disruptions. It involves three fundamental adjustments. We need a way building that spreads the costs of having a state of the art community infrastructure that serves the needs of all We need sufficient density to enable economies to grow naturally with customer bases that sustain businesses.

And we need to honor the environment by living in largely walkable communities.

There is a good deal more but those are starting premises. Now sit back and enjoy this remarkable video.

How to complete the century

Triadic thinking has no trouble integrating this video with its basic logic. Reality does tend toward the good.

We are free to foul things up but the logic of reality is stronger than the evil of which we might be capable. To peacefully move to a world that is both reasonable and heart-centered, we need to become triadic. We need to see things as ethical and aesthetic challenges. We need to act with self-respect and confidence. .Around the world that is what people are doing. We are one with them.