Car-free means that there will come a time when cars are redundant. They won’t drive the economy. They will not guzzle more fuel. The world will live car-free. It’s a Great Idea.


Consider the car. Cars weigh two tons on average. They are heavier now because they pack more weight even if they are smaller. This weight, moving on a public surface, is lethal and accident stats prove it.

More than 37K in the US were killed in motor vehicle accidents, over a hundred a day, in 2016. This is a continuing scandal hidden from view because we see it as inevitable.

It isn’t.

It is stupid and tragic but it is not ordained. We could decide to build a world where cars would be distinctly over. Why?


There are many reasons to move beyond cars, starting with the carnage already noted. They are inefficient, employing two tons to carry often a lone driver. They are a cash cow for everyone but the owner. Fuel, repairs, replacement. Many forms of surface transport would work much better if cars and trucks did not take up all the road space.

If you are wondering what travel would be like without cars, it would be excellent. It would free us from accepting the current pattern of growth and development as fixed.

It would enable us to create a new world of construction.

It would not dwell on infrastructure that would cost trillions to recreate.

It would move rapidly to what I have called cybercommunities.


In a sense. we are seeing this happen already. People who cannot afford cars gather in urban areas and improvise means to move forward. An economic move to create the elements of cybercommunities will blow today’s car and oil industries out of the water.

See my next article.

I am the new Henry Ford, people. I shun fame. Money matters but not that much. I am giving the world a formula for solving everything in one holistic sweep. That’s the way it will be done. The formula is cybercommunities.

New infrastructure

The formula has the following additional elements: We share the new infrastructure among enough folk at a time to make the expense of true security and true safety bearable.

We redefine public and private so that what is private is sacrosanct. What is semi-private is limited. What is semi-public is open. What is completely public is everything else.

We integrate all elements of a city to serve populations small enough to create a viable environment for the establishment of all manner of institutions. We combine business, residence, education, health, sports, spirituality, and so forth.

There is more and this will continue. The first step is to say sayonara to the car.