Triadic philosophy could be seen as a somewhat elaborate effort to rewrite the Bible. That’s because it does need rewriting.

Much of the Bible is occupied with the convenient practice of Blaming God for things we do not accept or understand. It creates one of the reasons why fundamentalists have a field-day. All they need to do is follow the original authors.


Reactions to the problem of blaming God have been tiny peace sects, the Renaissance and the Enlightenment. These efforts were attempts to recognize that we are free beings who have the precious power of choosing what we will say and do.

There was also a backlash in the Bible itself. Some texts in the Old Testament are models of triadic understanding. Amos the prophet authored the immortal words that begin with the prayer, “Let justice roll down as waters, righteousness as an ever-flowing stream.”


Jesus was the true generator of a response to blaming God. He identified the one he honored as Abba. This short Aramaic word suggests a loving father, a friend, a companion. It is a slap in the face to priests who insisted on following religious customs instead of doing right. Jesus acted to demonstrate the futility of traditional religion.

The result was a small following that has persisted in the world and probably helps account for most of the progress we have had.

These are the justice activists. Often they honor no deity at all. But they are nonviolent, iconoclastic and good.

Our world today could be described as a mix of the God-blamers of all persuasions, binary thinkers, simple minds and triadic thinkers who are self-consciously fallible, universally attuned and committed to go with the flow of goodness which is the end of logic.

Yes logic is good, so is much philosophy, so even is much religion.

Ending blame

We are in a century when spirituality becomes a daily activity of more and more diverse and independent individuals. At times they will join others in walking forth to say no to totalitarian tyranny and binary violence. They seek no fame. They seek no honors.

They are nomads of the universe.

Some have been there and done that. Your author is one such. Fame kills. So does being public all the time. What gives life is the prospect of winning a prize that that has no price. It may be something only you know because you won a battle with yourself. It may be one of a million victories in a struggle for tolerance, democracy, and helpfulness.

Looking forward

This is the century of global democratic revolution achieved by means of messaging and walking together. It is lodged in the consciousness of most but must be ignited by those who know the truth. The truth is that good triumphs and that good is the product of triadic thinking that unites heart and mind to create real progress.