All results can be measured. Measurement is the product of Thinking. A good hypothesis can start a process of defining and refining. Virtually any question or problem can become a basis for measurement.

This is particularly important because we no longer live in a world based on binaries that have hobbled thinking in the past. For example, even the most outlandish suppositions can be looked at and subjected to various tests. We are witnessing that in the current deconstruction of the so-called Nunes Memo.


It is now possible to apply values to questions of fact based on measuring results.

With the arrival of refined AI, we should be able to validate presuppositions of Triadic Philosophy that are presently not confirmed by such a process.

For example, tolerance is deemed to be a positive value and thus a spur to acts and expressions that will lead to progress. We will define tolerance as openness to Freedom Of Movement. We will see freedom of movement as measurable in terms of a particular barrier. You can follow the logic.


Is it possible to be objective even if we perform accurate measurements? Won’t our presuppositions get in the way? Triadic Philosophy applies a hard truth to this series of questions. It says the only way to measure a positive outcome is in terms of degrees of hurt.

It focuses on actual results.

In a binary, partisan environment even the most assiduous efforts at objectivity will fall on deaf ears. But the more clear any initiative can be regarding its claim to reduce harm, the better the chance that truth will rise to the surface and carry the day.

End of an era

Fortunately, today’s chaotic back and forth can be seen as a sort of swan song. It is not exciting to live in a world where accidents do not happen and fights are not common. We’ve scarcely had time to reflect on what things would be like if the USA became more like Eden than Sodom and Gomorrah.

The challenges of the future will involve redefining work.

Triadic Philosophy is ahead of the game. Our cybercommunities thinking is already poised to offer meaningful work to all who seek it. We will move beyond a world with massive polarization and massive alienation. We will be able to act more readily on clearly advantageous ideas and to reject harmful options.


The more triadic thinking the more progress. This is a team effort. All can play. The world is filled with individuals who want to make a difference. This can be achieved by learning to think triadically, determining what your issues are and pursuing them as dreams of betterment. You do not need to advertise or even share your dreams. This is not a popularity contest. Merely making progress in small ways adds to the sum of positive events.

If the universal values of tolerance, democracy, and helpfulness are followed, measurable progress will be the result.