Triadic philosophy is revolutionary in many respects. Among the most important of these is the understanding that what is good can be proved. In the past good has been deemed a term that anyone can define as they like. Not so. What is good must fit simple criteria. What prevents harm is good. What serves all is good. What enhances living is good.

Conversely what does harm, what hurts, what kills is not good. There may be arguments about degrees, about where life begins and ends, about our right to kill for food, and so forth. But Triadic Philosophy understands good and evil in terms of preventing harm and enhancing life, universally.

The bottom line

We live in a world that is almost exclusively dependent on Science And Technology. Sometimes we feel enslaved by these linked enterprises. But overall, science and technology are the very tools of progress. Even when we feel there may be distortion and manipulation, it is balanced by unmistakable signs of progress.

Indeed, the bottom line of Triadic Philosophy is the provability of what is good. We say that good is the sum of freedom, love, and justice, universally, and that these can be proved scientifically. What questions do we ask to prove our thesis?

Are people optimistic and hopeful? Do they believe in progress? Are things actually improving? Can we achieve betterment by the policies and actions we favor?


All of these involve a metaphysical element. But because we now have the beginnings of a capacity to measure things more and more finely, we can arrive at hard data to guide us on our fallible way.

Triadic philosophy uses the word fallibility to create universal humility in the face of the obvious truth that we are imperfect, inclined to error, and involved in a process which itself needs to make continual progress.

C. S. Peirce said all science should label all experiments with a prediction of the degree of error. Good advice.

Same boat

Triadic philosophy says we are all in the same boat, that our hypotheses can more often be tested, and that we are slowly and surely accomplishing what is good and upbuilding and decent.

The reason this is important is that we face a political environment that appears mired in the dismal mists of a binary past.

Attack and simplistic thinking seem to rule minds that should be capable of serious thought. A dose of Triadic Philosophy is the needed prescription. It is free. It is a corporate event as many are knowingly or not triadic philosophers. And its unfolding ideas are a blueprint for a better future.