Longevity has advantages. You were there when, I was there when Ike won. But my story is more recent. I watched Sean Hannity unknowingly, stupidly, help Barack Obama become president. I'll explain. And I am here to see the same Sean Hannity, FOX darling, and paragon of overreach, help usher Donald Trump out of the White House. I am not saying Sean does not pick cliffhangers and place big bets. I am saying that his current activities have a large portion is deja vu.

On the Obama matter, Sean went overboard on Reverend Wright, the voluble clergyman who was easily portrayed as a rabble-rouser who happened to have as a parishioner the sedate, straight and unemotional Barack Obama.

Even a supposedly gullible public could easily see the difference so Sean's campaign actually helped to loft Obama into a winning position. Now Sean has been the main figure wanting to get the defective and dud-certain monster this-will-sink-Mueller memo out where we can all say DUH in unison.

The memo has to do with Carter Page and how a FISA warrant was obtained. This is a hugely difficult process that few understand. Those who do know how outlandish it is to suggest that devious FBI agents tried to pull the wool over the eyes of a Federal judge to go after Page. You know what? The warrant was renewed! Grounds existed. And the skimpy logic within the skimpy mind of Devin Nunes has the trajectory of a rubber ball thrown by yours truly when an infant in Manhattan many years ago.

The book on Nunes has already been close to the book on Carter Page. Both are minor players whose capacities reflect the difficulty the GOP has in attracting anyone who can think. This is a harsh judgment but it gets down to the low level that this fight is being conducted on.

It is a schoolyard fight that may be the last gasp of a president who has been aptly described as a schoolyard bully.

Hannity world

Can we be looking at a twofer? Could we see the demise of both Trump and Hannity? I think this is what this is all about. We are reckoning with the election of a man who ran on a platform of race-baiting wholly consistent with the mentality of the late Roger Ailes, deposed FOX News head, and Sean Hannity.

Malcolm X was the most perceptive analyst of this mentality. Malcolm knew the truth about divisiveness in America. Nonviolence may be the smartest strategy but it cannot get anywhere without some Malcolm smarts. Black lives Matter understands this.

Trump and Hannity gone? We can dream, can't we?