There is a simple way to diminish violence. Think better. That is what Triadic Philosophy is about. It shuns and excoriates binary thinking that sees only one solution to everything. If the NFL pulverizes brains and leaves players tending toward being vegetables, don't fault the NFL. If a little girl shoots up a school in California, god forbid you to mention the NRA. And if your insides are whacked out of joint by the summary action of any corporation or business that impacts you, do not connect that to violence, please!

I am being my usual complaining self, but I have a reason.It is called Triadic Philosophy and it says to stop thinking my way or the highway.

It says to stop and think. It says to consider some ethical values before you say something or do something. It says that your acts and statements should have a good purpose like achieving some truth and beauty. It says that when you think this way progress is more likely, in your life and in the world.

NFL woes

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) has been found in the brains of more than 100 deceased NFL players. At some point, the rampant dangers of this bruising sport will come home to parents who will refuse to let their children suit up and get out there to be bashed to smithereens. It may help to know that CTE can only be diagnosed posthumously.

The worst effects of this concussion epidemic are the endangered lives of those who survive.

Depression, dementia, and violent mood swings all accompany the onset of the ailment. Crowds applaud monster hits in fever-pitch stadiums. But each hit adds to the almost certain odds that if you are an NFL player it is your own existence you are playing with. And the well-being of your family.

School shootings

There have been something like 12 school shootings thus far this year.

There has been no mention of them by the President who is concerned for his own survival and has little time for anything else. The availability of guns is obviously a cause. But binary reactions abound and the US leads all others in gun availability and gun injuries and deaths.

Some injuries are invisible

Corporate criminality is another cause of injury to both psyches and bodies.

Doubtless, horror stories about cell phone injuries will eventually surface. But the violence committed by companies like cell phone makers and Google is not really on anyone's radar.Some of us refuse to use Cell Phones for everything precisely because it is omnivorous. The NYT wants us all to use them. So does Google. I refuse to reclaim money Google owes me because they insist I use my cell. This is commercial totalitarianism. Freedom is precious.

There are numerous other cautions regarding cell phones, foremost among them a possible cancer risk.