Any term associated with the word “Triadic” means a way of affirming tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy. These are the three active values of Triadic Philosophy. The philosophy is actually a daily discipline that rests on forgiveness and thought based on three elements.

The elements are reality, ethics, and aesthetics. They are the three steps from your inner interest or impulse through an ethics check to a conclusion that’s aesthetic, aiming at actions and expressions that are true and beautiful. Anything that is true is beautiful and vice versa.


The two paragraphs above contain thirteen keywords that are the center of what Triadic Philosophy is. It aims to represent the very best of all past religion and philosophy. Its intention is to create a universal revolution in the way we think.

At present we think, if we do at all, in binary terms. This or that, either-or, and my way or the highway. This has been a recipe for conflict since the beginning of human interactions. Triadic thinking suggests that every human being consider ethics and aesthetics before deciding what to say or do.

This s a huge order but we have never had a means of reaching everyone before. Surely one explanation is that we can all learn something. Besides, this way of thinking is simply the way that progress from the beginning of time has led to slow but measurable advances.

A new look at justice

Justice is the last of a sequence of three keywords we say as we prepare to move to the final phase of triadic thinking. This is an exercise anyone can do. Simply repeat to yourself, “freedom, love, justice”

The order is important because love must be just if it is to become a beacon of truth and beauty.

Freedom, which at bottom is choice, is necessary to even consider love and justice. Thus in this triad justice is the action element.

Triadic philosophy proposes that there be three elements in the quiver of justice as it enters this millennium. They are nonviolence, Mastery, and economy. Each of these has meanings that are venerable but each is given a new twist.

In the next three articles, I shall take each of these terms through their paces.


As a preview, nonviolence does not mean the disappearance of security or safety public or private. It does mean a gradual end to the conditions that have led to war.

Mastery is a blanket term to cover the individual attainment of mastery over life itself and the need to exert mastery over the globe on the basis of triadic understanding.

Finally economy signals a move past both communism and capitalism as viable models. The economy will not merely be the system we have but also the underlying need to maintain what we used to understand the economy itself. It used to mean living economically,