Hollywood is often seen as the sacred land for film fans everywhere; and with this allure, it draws in masses of aspiring actors, actresses, and producers. But everything is not as it seems, as highlighted by the recent scandals in the news. With all of this focus surrounding the imperfections of this seemingly perfect world, we are now seeing the dark underbelly. But how will this change Hollywood in the future?

Hollywood's underbelly

If you have kept your ear to the ground recently, then you've probably heard the maelstrom of controversy tear through the Hollywood landscape like a tornado.

Scandals have always been rife in Hollywood, and it was almost accepted that this was the reality.

With many aspiring actors, actresses, and directors alike embracing this lifestyle. But that was the way things were. The Hollywood system was shaped by bankable names, star-studded studios, and most notably the money. All of these inevitably lead to a sink or swim mentality. You either made it, or you didn't. You'd be chewed up and spat out without a single shred of remorse; because at the end of the day, in a dog-eat-dog world, it is up to you to not be the main course on the menu.

Systems of repetition

Systems of repetition are all too common when large sums of money get involved. This is not an exception for the world of film.

With blockbuster budgets thrown around like spare change its easy to see how control is of the highest importance. For example, we can look at how the big six operate. The big six is the nickname given to the six largest production studios in Hollywood, who have almost complete control of the film markets due to their prolific presence and ownership of franchises, companies, and assets; which all ensure massive profits for them.

With just six studios being the main production companies, it's easy to see how familiar names and faces get around so easily and penetrate each and every aspect of the industry. They are able to create these systems in which they stay in total control of everything that happens with seamless ease; and why? It's mainly due to their power over people.

Studios have a hold on directors, directors have a hold on actors/actresses, and unfortunately, they are the ones that suffer. Which leads me to why the Hollywood system is about to be shaken up.

Our mentality

In recent years we have seen many massive changes in our modern day world. Donald Trump becoming President of The United States, Britain choosing to leave the EU under Brexit, and the scandals being exposed in Hollywood. All of which are great examples of how we have begun making massive changes towards how we operate.

It is clearly an understatement to say that the people of the world want change. And change is exactly where Hollywood is heading. Uma Thurman's recent reveals about the disgusting acts Hollywood director Harvey Weinstein allegedly performed on her is a detailed instance of just how systematic the abuse of power is in Hollywood.

But not for much longer.

As previously mentioned, the massive world events that have unfolded in the 21st Century have shown that the world was in need of a shakeup in order to disrupt the current state of inertia. Harvey Weinstein, Quentin Tarantino, Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, and Kevin Spacey have all become examples of how the movements towards the intolerance of sexual assault prove to be effective. They have been singled out and held accountable for their actions; because the people want change. No more cyclical abuse. No more systematic manipulation. No more. The people of the world are standing up, finding their voices, and speaking out.

New Hollywood order

This is a huge shift in power.

Control is being torn out of the hands of the ones who misuse it; and with these huge changes, we must look at the future of Hollywood. We may see the rise of aspiring young directors taking the reigns of beloved film franchises after studios chose to cut ties with directors after the assault allegations against them. We may see movements such as feminism flourish to the forefront of new productions and not be suppressed by the manipulative hierarchy. This will completely change the way how films are made, and how the film industry will move forward.

Hollywood is clearly about to change, but a massive question still remains - will the change be a help or a hindrance for the industry?