I picked up a Gideon Bible when I woke up one day. It opened to Esther, so I read it. It said the King ruled. His word was law. Including getting rid of Queen One and making Esther Queen Two. The problem was not just hierarchy, it was fallen human nature. Now Purim is celebrated because, having bought into everything, everyone, Jews, and Persians and everyone, did the same dumb stuff. What was the result?

There were dead bodies. The fact that there was no plundering was no excuse. What the text does is hallow a deity who takes sides, not the deity Jesus represents.

I am disgusted. I will inveigh against violence and confess myself violent and original-sinned as the next person. Let’s talk directly and simply. Anything that kills or leads to killing is not something to buy into or to celebrate.


All dualism divides into two. All unity removes opposing sides. A binary approach is but a tool which never should subvert the truth it hides. Protagonists, antagonists, we know, are frequent players on life’s chancy stage; But there are simple truths that history shows: Division’s less in a world come of age. The spectrum is the tool we must select to see that we are masters of who we are and that we are the whole kahuna.

Repeat: A house divided cannot stand.

All history has proved this endlessly. Idolatrous dividing in fools’ hands shatters all hope of living peacefully. Who arbitrarily divides most likely has the same evils within his own camp that he excoriates in the camp of his enemy.

Good and evil

Do you not see the legions of the dead and know division for just what it is? If everything’s a spectrum, what is good?

And what is evil? Are they not two things?

There are no absolutes. For Abba would see compromise applied to everything. How terrible this simple word appears, when we consider fanfares and alarms! Why compromise, alleviating fears, when we can have our lusty calls to arms! What would our media do with boring days, unpunctuated by new body counts?

What would we watch, what could our wise ones say if conflict was reduced to small amounts?


Compromise is not meekness or loss of power. The watchword on the human stage is conflict without deathly actions, conflict within a lawful scope, conflict within a democratic matrix.

The path to war ends up in warrior’s hell.Two sides are needed to create a war, two enmities, two arguments, two briefs. Emotions are honed knife-sharp, Then come promises no one will ever keep.

Better is the courage to speak truth to power. Better is the maxim that a House Divided will not stand. We would do better with no dualism and more cold showers, We could also use more leaders who understand.