There are several ways to send a message to someone, without even having to say a word. This Valentine's Day, I've compiled an assortment of gifs that you can send to that special someone in your life. Choose the right one that matches your current situation. Gifs add humor and are a great way to convey sentiments and feelings. Good luck!

The sweet and simple gif

This Gif is pretty safe and to the point. It's appropriate for sending a message that doesn't add any more than intended. Send it to someone who you think deserves nothing more than plain hearts and "Happy Valentine's Day" in white font.

The overly elaborate gif

There's something about this gif that looks tacky and overly done. It's perfect when you're trying to get to second base with that special someone. It screams of love and romance, enough to make the receiver blush with embarrassment. But don't worry, contrary to the one above, a gif like this shows that you've put some time and effort into seeking out something that will at least cause some emotions to stir. With this one, you'll be sure to score an 'A' for effort.

The celebrity gif

This gif from Demi Lovato is cool and cute.

She is seen holding up a heart that says, "Be mine." It's perfect to send to your sweetheart or to someone you've been crushing on. It's sweet, innocent and charming, and it almost feels like you've personally hired Demi Lovato to create a little telegram for you.

The vintage gif

This gif has a retro feel to it, being in black and white.

It's perfect for anyone who appreciates those old-school movies. It's great for putting a smile on the receiver's face -- who doesn't like a lovely surprise? The antics seen here by the man are reminiscent of how some people can surprise others with how they truly feel.

The not-so-subtle gif

Ok, so Valentine's Day is about declaring your love for someone.

If you're not interested in being all cutesie and mushy about it, here's a gif that is bound to let the receiver know your intentions. A good idea for couples who are already hot for each other, and also great for sending as a prank to someone who's totally not on your radar.

The romantic (and animated) gif

For those of you who just want to send something that's romantic, this Hercules and Val gif is a special tool to share how you really feel about that special someone. It's a little on the mushy side, but that's what Valentine's Day is all about.

What do you think of these gifs?