Seth Myers stoked the internet flames when he made a series of jokes about Oprah Winfrey running for president while he hosted the Golden Globes. Once finished, it was obvious that Myers wasn't completely joking about Oprah running for president, and the internet saw it as a real possibility as well.

If we have learned anything in the last two years though, just being super popular and likable online isn't enough to qualify someone to be the leader of the free world. We just had an election where Donald Trump's win had more do his Q rating rather than what he actually stood for and planned to do for the country.

One of the biggest problems with Trump's rise to the oval office is he made it seem incredibly simple. Gone were the days of needing vast amounts of donor money and support to win an election. The emergence of the internet as a political tool was the perfect time for someone like Trump to jump into politics and turn the whole system on its head.

Just because Trump was able to do so, doesn't mean that he is the most qualified person for the job. The same goes double for Oprah Winfrey if she leverages her fame and fortune to a foray into politics.

Why isn't she qualified?

The simple reason that Oprah Winfrey would make for a bad president is the fact she has been so rich for so long. Of course, money isn't the only issue, especially when you need lots of it to make a run at the White House.

Her issue is more that for the past several decades, her vast fortune has allowed her to pick and choose when she wants to be in the spotlight. She exists in her own world, out of touch with ordinary Americans.

That type of strategy has endeared her to millions and millions of fans. Her limited access, coupled with the ability to be everything that everyone wanted when she is in the spotlight, has made her seem like a perfect and infallible person.

That type of worship that she enjoys from her fans is dangerous when it is attached to a politician.

Many complained about the echo-chambers that people on both sides of the aisle lived in leading up to the 2016 election. Oprah has lived in a bubble within a bubble as her private life is a mystery to many. It is worth asking if she would even want to run for president since it would open her up to intense scrutiny into her life.

What this country needs instead

The country definitely needs leadership, and it is arguable that we are not getting enough of it right now. The next election will be important. Voters will decide if they really do like Trump, or if he was a flash in the pan and a true Washington outsider should be elected.

Whoever that next president is, whether it be in 2020 or 2024, they need to be someone who can truly relate to a majority of Americans. A common person who understands what needing earn enough money just to play the rent is like and balancing all that comes with being a average person in the country hoping to achieve the American dream.