Considering that the president does not write legislation and merely approves it, the government shutdown cannot be the president's fault. The president, up until this point, was viewed as someone who does not have any power and someone who is too stupid to govern, so how could he be responsible for the shutdown? Could it just be the swamp shutting down the government? What purpose would Donald Trump have to shut the government down? Someone who needs to have something to brag about does not desire a government shutdown; he, or anyone in his position, would want meaningful and lasting legislation passed.

Is Congress to blame?

democrats claim they need the blessing of the president to pass a budget. Meanwhile, The Republicans claim they have no idea to what Donald Trump wants. These two responses are troublesome. In addition, DACA has no place in budget discussions. Americans have never seen politicians fight so hard for a specific group of people that are not even citizens while neglecting the poor in America. Why don't they shut down the government for fatherless children, or for charities that are not regularly available, or for the homeless, or for those wrongfully prosecuted, or for starving families, or for those without clean water to drink. These are not day to day life issues.

Are the Democrats responsible?

Will shutting down the government help the democratic agenda? The Democrats should just elect to support the budget, for the Democrats simply do not have the numbers or the popularity to fight against the Republicans. The first strategy the Democrats suggested, to let Trump fail on his own, seems to be the best way to ruin the Republicans and their agenda.

Trump will explode the debt to finance his war agenda.

What is wrong with Washington?

Trump will be investigated for collusion: the first-ever president to be suspected of treason. Multiple people who were directly involved in his campaign have been indicted. Democrats have chosen the wrong battle. If Democrats want to win, they need to allow Trump to defeat himself.

They are showing the entire United States that they can unify to prevent something terrible from occurring. This begs the question: why is this not done more often, and for more popular issues? It seems that the Democrats and Republicans have been stuck on the same irrelevant issues. People want laws that improve everyday life for every American.