Incorporating your business is the first step to publishing. There are many online services that can be used that charge a small fee to incorporate a business for you. A simple google search and some decent anti-virus software should give you some quality leads to businesses that perform this service. Once you are incorporated, and you are, in fact a business entity, you can then publish yourself. But, first, the author, be it yourself or a client, must copyright the work that is going to be published. Benefits to incorporation is being able to hire employees to help with the work load; a second benefit is business credit.

Once one has a business, one can get a business loan to help with the main aspect of publishing: marketing. Google ads, Bing ads, and Facebook ads are crucial, and they can cost anywhere from from 1,000 to 2,000 a month. Again, this is why it is important to take loans out on the companies behalf, so one 's personal credit is not affected by the debt incurred on one's businesses services. It is not only important to market the product, but to have the product accessible. This means creating a website for the product, and having it available on the appropriate platforms, such as the Kindle store for a small fee. The fee is usually 250-300 dollars a product and platform.

Copyrights and Book Printing

Online one can copyright works. Copyrights are essential; it means that the person who published the work legally owns the work unless all rights or a percentage or his or her rights is signed over to someone else or a publishing company. This is crucial knowledge, for a Publishing Company enables one to purchase rights for profits that belong to other authors.

Incorporating a publishing business not only enables one all of his or her rights to his or her work, but it lawfully allows one to purchase and pay taxes on the rights of someone else's work. Lastly, physical publishing: one does not necessarily have to have a printer or binder for book printing services. These services can be out sourced, similar to how restaurant and retail businesses outsource HR departments.

There are many online printing services, but there are, also, many physical printing business as well. Book printing can cost anywhere from two dollars to ten dollars a book. These costs again can be covered by business loans afforded by incorporation. Good luck on your ventures.