Donald Trump promised The American people strong leadership and, more importantly, winning. Putin is still at large, embracing chemical gas attacks in Syria, threatening the homeland, and undermining American influence on the global stage. Donald Trump has yet to project his strength and influence on "Mother Russia." Russia still has no respect for the United States. North Korea is ramping up its tough talk with consistent threats of nuclear strikes. Thus far, the Koreans have three American captives--one of whom was captured on Trump's watch. There has not been any response from the Trump administration.

It seems our threats, like sending an armada to North Korea, seems to be just as empty as the threats from the North Korea government. North Korea and Russia are not Syria and Afghanistan. Now, Trump realizes that bombs and violence may not be a winning strategy against all opponents.

Domestic policy

Though, Trump takes credit for a roaring economy; it was given to him by Obama. Trump's health care bill, the GOP's signature legislation, could not pass a Republican House or Senate because of resistance within their own party. The freedom caucus, who was starkly against Obama, seems to also resist their fellow Republican, Donald Trump. The GOP spoke strongly of increasing military spending, but they cannot pass a budget.

Also, one of Donald Trump's signature promises, a wall between the US and Mexico, will not take effect, for Mexico is refusing to pay for the wall outright. Gas prices are on the rise, and no trade deals have taken place to confront China, Mexico, or Canada. Not to mention, there has been a decrease, in comparison to Obama, in monthly hires added to the US economy. However, one victory Donald Trump has achieved is to limit the lobbying in Washington DC.

At least, the president is attempting to deliver on his campaign promises.

Foreign policy

The bombings in Syria were seen as a victory for some, but it seems that Trump has only used force against those who cannot stand up to the US military. The "Mother of all Bombs" in Afghanistan may have been seen as a great show of force to some.

However, the strike killed less than one-hundred ISIS fighters. He has accused Germany and South Korea of not meeting their defense spending obligations, but he has been completely silent in regards to Russian aggression. He has yet to deliver on trade negotiation victories. As far as winning goes, the American people are still waiting.