Recently I had the opportunity to connect with someone, via Instagram, who specializes in trauma healing through holistic methods. This lovely lady goes by the name of Leah (IG: @leahlivefree) and she opened my eyes to a new and simple way of awakening your inner self. She calls this new practice "meditation for intimate connection within yourself."

Leah suggests practicing this method at night, right after a bath or shower, and in a quiet space. Once you have found your space, sit in front of a mirror, light a Candle, and place it close enough to your face so that you can see your own reflection.

Start off by taking deep and slow breaths from your belly. As you inhale, be grateful for yourself and say "thank you."

There is no goal or expectations

As you exhale, be kind to yourself and say "I love you." Repeat these deeps breaths all while not loosing your eye contact with yourself in the mirror. As your gaze deepens into your inner soul, you will start to lose the visual of flesh. Instead, you will see your internal self staring back at you. Leah also states that there is no "goal" for this exercise except to spend quality time with your inner self. She also suggests not to hold any expectations and to practice this method of self love often.

At first, I was a little skeptical because I've never done anything like this before so, of course, I was not sure what to expect.

In all honesty, I was scared of what I might find out about my inner self but last night I decided to put away my skepticism and try it.

I took a long, hot shower, lit a hibiscus candle, and sat in front of my mirror. Starting off with slow, deep breaths, I said aloud "thank you" with every inhale and "I love you" with every exhale.

I repeated this for what felt like 2-3 minutes (it honestly felt like time had stopped) and suddenly I began to drift away into my own soul.

See your inner-self and talk to your soul

I could not see my outer being anymore, just my inner self staring back at me through my eyes. I could not stop smiling. I started to talk with her and I told her that I was happy to see her.

She made me feel very safe, loved, and at peace. It felt like I had just walked into my home after being away for 23 years. It was such an exuberance feeling of happiness and freeness.

I can't wait until it is night so I can experience it again. I recommend this practice of self-love and inner connectedness to anyone, especially if you are struggling with life. It is a beautiful thing to love your outer being but it is even more beautiful to know and love your inner self. If you try this amazing method please share your experience with me or Leah! I thank you for reading and I thank Leah for teaching. Peace and love.