Triadic Philosophy has a universal concept of salvation. Salvation does not mean a particular creed is saved. It means that our consciousness is ultimately part of universal consciousness. We have no idea if that means independent existence beyond death or anything else. We have no answers and we are hardly alone. Those who claim to have an answer are speculating. It's what used to be called metaphysics. I am guilty of having speculated.

In fact, I wrote a whole series of speculative works based on the idea that we do survive as individuals. I find it hard to believe that prayer is an entirely earthbound activity.

I assume that within reality there are means of communication that make prayer real. That is speculation but the effects sometimes seem close to being undeniable. This is a preamble to this article, whose subject is the separation of wrongs from wrongdoers.

He would never do that

To the common phrase saying 'he would never do that", reality returns a resounding "yes he would." And the triadic message in the face of this is distressingly simple. Always forgive. Not once but as many times as it takes. What a hard teaching! What an impossible thing to ask!

You might wonder how Christians forever have uttered the classic words about forgiveness without heeding them. The reason is clear as we see in our politics, in our wars.

in our sports, everywhere.

Here is the problem in stark outline.

It is remarkable that we have witnessed crusades to show the wondrous superiority of our religion. We have fought wars over doctrinal issues. And we have recited the forgiveness contract (you are Forgiven if you forgive others) since Jesus made it the only prayer he is said to have taught.

Is it any wonder that religion is fading as we speak?

This is a critical century. Either we seem destined to repeat past errors and maintain our binary ways. Or we can go triadic, meaning that we integrate ethics and aesthetics into our thinking. The minute we see that our thinking should reflect tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy, we see that nonviolence and forgiveness must become our watchwords for the future.

What about wrongdoing?

We can talk about wrongdoing and work to overcome it. That is what we should do. That is the best way to educate those who have done wrong. South Africa is not perfect but it is massively better for having practiced forgiveness in the wake of apartheid. We have never had that in the US following slavery and the Civil War. Now, look at us. Triadic thinking is about forgiving. It daily reiterates the prayer. Until we can make it real we will keep on having conflicts and hurt and harm.