These articles on Triadic aesthetics feature words that are key to a philosophy that intends to become normative for all. Ultimately it will have but 25 terms that function as a basis for conscious consideration of acts and expressions. love is among them.

Love comes in an inner recitation of three terms. It goes, “freedom, love, justice”. Love is first a choice so freedom precedes it. Justice is a brake on evil (harm and hurt) and must qualify love until justice actually achieves its beautiful destiny.


Ultimately justice and love are one.

But we are not there yet. Justice must rule love until love itself is just.

Justice gives truth and beauty room to exist. When justice is corrupt it must be bypassed. Corruption gums up the works of reality.

What is ugly is an injustice. What is Beautiful is what is fair. Beauty and truth are the prerequisites of all that is good.


Triadic philosophy is a do-it-yourself mode of meaningful existence. There is no right way to do it. The only discipline involved is setting aside some daily time and fashioning two elements.

The first element is forgiveness. The second is a colloquy. A colloquy is a conversation with yourself using the universal terms,

The colloquy has a subject that you determine.

Whatever is on your mind. It submits itself to tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy. Then come the uttering to yourself of freedom, love, and justice.


You will see that freedom precedes love and then justice follows it. Everyone knows that love that falls into abuse does not deserve the name. Power, force, hurt and harm are more appropriate descriptions.

Colloquies that consider harmful love benefit from an awareness that a good life involves tolerance. But this is not acceptance of evil. Tolerance in the face of violence and cruelty is the strength and flexibility to say no to it and move on.

Simply noting that justice must trump love until love is true and beautiful is progress.

The greatest progress would come from the education and enablement needed to bring everyone into daily contact with these thoughts. The strongest force of all is the individual empowered by a focus on the things that matter most.


Stopping is beautiful. Especially when the reason is understanding that a scene is not good. Stopping is the best strategy whenever love is looking counterfeit. Stopping to consider options is at the heart of triadic understanding.

Also understand that ethics is the province of every person, not something in the academy or the elite. Ethics is nothing but reducing harm, of which there is no shortage. Love is served by stopping whenever it is endangered.