Business has been the scourge of America. Business has been the salvation of America. You have just read a binary gloss on American business. Triadic thinking argues that all thinking needs to incorporate ethics and eventuate in acts and expressions that aim at truth and beauty. Triadic thinking understands that every enterprise on the planet is a spectrum, just as every individual is a spectrum. It is a spectrum of values.

Positive values include love and freedom at the top and see goodness as based on self-respect and community feeling. The best support democracy, helpfulness, and tolerance.

The bottom of the spectrum starts with selfishness and ganging up and injury, and descends to the inevitable outcomes, hurt, cruelty and death.Triadic thinking is not just saying what's good and what's bad.

The only way to get better is to work with individuals. We are constructed to be, each of us, the agents of history. We have the minds, the consciences, the brains, the capacities. They transcend anything technology can produce. When individuals act together for good, the world changes for the better.

Three amigos

The occasion for this is the announcement this week that three of the biggest names in American business have banded together to get into the health business. There is disruption afoot.

The men are Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, and Jamie Dimon. With combined resources of more than a trillion, these gentlemen are players. Each has problems endemic to American business in the last decades. I will not enumerate them here. Triadic thinking sees now as the only chance we have for action. What is done is done. The future is the only thing that counts.

Here is the text of today's story.

Essentially, these three are engaging in a way to make healthcare more affordable for those who work in the businesses under their control. But there is no question that the public will follow the dollar.

If the bargaining power of this new company can lead to reduced costs, disruption will prove a success.

Healthcare woes

We have been through a traumatic season on healthcare. Trump began his march to apparent victory by skewering Obama with barely-hidden racism. In retrospect, he won, if he did, in large part because of his personal attacks on his opponents including the former president. The result was that anything associated with Obama was poison to Trump. And there was nothing more Obama than Obamacare.

Amazingly, despite Trump's vicious assault on Obamacare, it has survived in a large part. You would not know it from reading the media, but the law has proved resilient. Nevertheless, costs are rising now and an intervention by the three amigos may be just what is needed to show that American business is actually on the side of the people.