A triadic solution to America's problem would involve a clear signal that democracy is not in danger. It would involve a resounding affirmation of tolerance. And there would be broad support for giving folk a hand-up, education and enablement, the three staples of helpfulness. Tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy are the three universal, action values of triadic philosophy.

The philosophy itself is the basis for a discipline of thinking that combines forgiveness and considerations based on these values and aiming at a solution that has elements of truth and beauty.

Thinking in threes

Triadic solutions start with signs. We take the signs of the times and consider them in terms noted above. Triadic means three. Instead of the dominant binary thinking that is largely devoid of ethics and aesthetics, we think in terms of a triad, three things. What is the reality? What are the ethics involved? And what is the aesthetic conclusion? That is the action and expression that results from the thinking process.

The sign

This morning the sign is summarized in the tweet embedded below. It shows Rep. Joe Kennedy lll responding to president trump's State of the Union address last night. I am a Twitter person. I've been there from the start and I rarely have had any of the problems that people complain about.

I speak my mind and respond when people respond to me. Triadic thinking is the way I operate. The tweet embedded below will bring you up to speed.

To me, the most important thing about Joe Kennedy is that he entered politics with a simple commitment that was universal in scope.

That counts a lot in triadic terms.It was a commitment to fairness across the boards.

All people are precious and individuals move history backward or forward. Another sign I derive from yesterday is that Democrats tell us the future even when we don't realize it. They did this when they invited Obama to address the Kerry nominating convention in Boston.

Maybe they did it again last night. The sign is simple. Youth.

The Democrats need to move to a new generation of leadership. We have excellent elder-statespersons. Many Democratic Senators are more than qualified. But hey cannot win.It is time to pass the torch.

Getting past Trump

It may also be a sign, the events this morning, that a triadic solution to Trump is to tolerate him to the extent that we have time for other things than bashing him. What happens to Trump will happen with no help from his enemies. Instead, we should look at what builds fairness and stand up for it. Now, where did that idea come from?