Artists can show us the way to political solutions. In fact, art is often the missing ingredient in historical progress. Ethics alone has failed to yield peace. Telling people what is right is ineffective. But appealing to the whole person as art can and does, that is a different story. This is one reason that Triadic philosophy combines ethics and aesthetics (in that order) in its winning method of turning this century triadic. Yes from this small but potent global platform and from a base on Twitter, the triadic message is going out. We are learning to combine reality, ethics, and aesthetics.

In the previous article, we quickly noted the ethical reasons for overcoming Gridlock. And then we cut to the chase. The chase is always to find an act or expression that might break a logjam. The reasons for this are important. Acts and expressions are now measurable and therefore open to hypothesis and proof. This is my version of what Charles Sanders Peirce called pragmaticism. He invented pragmatism but needed to lengthen the name to snatch it back from thinkers who dumbed pragmatism down. I understand pragmaticism to have ethical and aesthetic legs and to make Peirce the logician he wanted to be. Up there in logic with Aristotle.

The how

Somewhat allied with our aesthetic approach is the pataphysical. This is an iconoclastic philosophy that has appealed to folks like Paul McCartney and the Marx Brothers.

Triadic Philosophy sees it as an inspiration for activism that is fundamentally aesthetic in expression. When I marched in Nashville in 1961 I never thought about what we were doing as aesthetic, but it was. It had a beauty to it. Music powered it, including the song "We Shall Overcome". There is a beauty in nonviolence what makes Black Lives Matter a beautiful thing to behold in action,

Triadic thinking wants the aesthetic to get into messaging.

It wants kids making videos with messages that talk about the issues that matter. It wants to move viral from a sort of spastic craziness to a simple confrontation between what is universal and good what is tawdry, binary and often simply evil.

The acts and expressions

The wonderful thing about living at this time is that I am not really suggesting anything.

Triadic videos will start to become normal. I am talking about videos that show a child appealing for freedom, love, and justice. I am talking about messaging by people of all ages that link the universal terms to particular suggestions such as the one made here -- that we vote only for those who have committed to bipartisan behavior.