As the now infamous Nunes FISA memo nears its release, it has already resulted in multiple resignations and widespread panic within the Democratic Party and the deep state apparatus. Ahead of the memo’s release, DNC CEO resigned, and even the deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe.

Calling this the biggest political scandal in US history is actually an understatement. If proven accurate, it is more of a soft coup against a democratically elected president - Donald J. Trump.

The memo is supposed to tie every weird, incoherent, bizarre, disturbing story we have heard in the US political sphere for the last two years.

It’s a complex, multilayered story that is wrongly perceived by the public as a seemingly disconnected series of scandals, but as you will soon understand, it’s just one story, stretched over a couple of years.

Spying on a presidential nominee

President Trump’s claim that he was illegally wire-tapped by the Obama administration was among the first scandals in a long series of this sordid affair. If you recall, he was heavily mocked by the mainstream media for making such statements, or as President Trump likes to call them – fake news. Now, it is clear that he was indeed spied upon under an encompassing FISA warrant issued by the Obama administration, and everyone knew it at the time.

Fake news – CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post – and a host of other ‘news’ outlets seem to have certainly earned that ignoble moniker, time and time again.

At one point, a New York Times editor even apologized on behalf of their newspaper for brazenly lying during the presidential election, due to their steep loss of subscribers.

Hillary Clinton not getting prosecuted

Even before Trump was nominated and incurred the wrath of the deep state media for his immigration comments, it was quite clear that the Obama administration and the Department of Justice (DoJ) were involved in a conspiracy to absolve the presidential candidate Hillary Clinton of all wrongdoing in order for her to be able to run as a legitimate presidential candidate.

Her secret bathroom server and thousands of deleted emails were just the tip of the corrupt Clinton iceberg. People are languishing in prison right now for a fraction of the crimes Hillary Clinton committed.

Rogue FBI agents even ‘fixed’ the language of her actions so they do not appear prosecutable. Remember the scandalous airport runway meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch (Obama’s Attorney General at the time), just right before the decision to not prosecute Hillary Clinton was announced?

Unassailable documentation already exists showing that the United States has a two-tier justice system, one for the plebs and one for the connected elites.

Urinating prostitutes

The ‘Pissgate’ scandal. This was one of the most bizarre ones. A fake dossier created by a former British intelligence officer, made to besmirch Trump and initiate another conspiracy – Russian collusion. This dossier depicts a sordid tale of Trump hiring prostitutes to urinate on the same bed previously visited by President Obama and his wife at the Ritz Carlton Hotel’s presidential suite in Russia, in 2013. What is quite interesting about this dossier, which is now widely discredited as fake, is that it was developed by a bipartisan group of both Republicans and Democrats.

Their only binding commonality was anti-Trumpism. Initially, it started as a never-Trump Republican effort going all the way back to William Kristol, but as Hillary Clinton took the reins of Fusion GPS, it was used to bolster the notion that President Trump is actually a Russian plant, and the urinating prostitutes titbit was just a part of Russian efforts to keep him in under control. Mainstream Republicans like John McCain even helped spread this fakery for months.

The unmasking scandal

Then, there was the ‘unmasking’ scandal, perpetrated by United States National Security Advisor Susan Rice, under Obama's administration.

As mentioned previously, following Trump’s presidential nomination, Obama’s administration engaged in illegal wiretapping of his communication lines in the Trump Tower, under the guise of FISA incidental information collection.

Susan Rice demanded that the persons involved – Trump transition officials and campaign staff - in captured communications be ‘unmasked’.

This was quite a weird and unprecedented case because it is not the function of Susan Rice, a White House employee, to do anything of the sort. A National Security adviser is just that – an adviser, not an investigator. Which means that Susan Rice used her position within the White House completely out of bounds, for partisan, Democrat interests. It is still not clear whether she should have been prosecuted, as proper judicial conduct is so often absent from that level of society these days.

Election subversion

Strzok and Page FBI texts seemingly indicate that some level of deep state apparatus was involved with undermining, not just the results of the election, but the election itself.

Trump claimed that millions of illegals voted; some studies support this claim. in addition to secret video footage of Democrat officials openly saying that they “ship in” as many illegals as they can into voting booths.

Investigative journalist James O’Keefe regularly reported on such Democrat mischief. Interestingly, he is often maligned by the mainstream media, but never in a way that disputes his findings, only in a way that besmirches him as a person, in order for the public to view him as an illegitimate source of information.

In the aftermath of Trump’s victory

Immediately after Trump’s somewhat surprising victory (although this surprise is largely due to countless fake polling put forward by the mainstream media), a plot coalesced between various intelligence agencies claiming that Trump is a product of Russian conspiracy.

The fake pissgate dossier was supposed to help that claim, with active help from never-Trump Republicans.

Already embattled FBI director James Comey, under criticism and possible revolt from his own people because he subverted the course of justice in the Clinton investigation, was eventually fired under the recommendation of assistant attorney general Rod Rosenstein. Bizarrely, Rosenstein later used his own recommendation as an indication of Russian conspiracy.

James Comey then leaked a memo to a lawyer, who then published it, purporting that Trump exhibited strange behavior when asked not to prosecute Michael Flynn.

All of this gave the impetus for an investigation of a supposed Russian conspiracy plot, of which Trump was an integral part.

Former FBI director Robert Mueller was put at the head of it.

Now, everything about it is falling apart, and it is likely that Mueller himself will become a target of investigation for helping to hoax a conspiracy. Just recently, Adam Schiff stated that the Republican Congress has opened an investigation into both the FBI and the Department of Justice.

Exposing the rotten media

Why is the mainstream media so uniformly relentless against a democratically elected president, like we have never seen before in modern history? There is nothing they would not resort to, including criticizing how many ice-cream scoops Trump takes. It is getting increasingly bizarre with seemingly no end in sight.

At this point, fake news is a gross understatement, given the sheer amount of absurd narratives that the mainstream media partakes in, promulgates, and perpetrates.

And when something is proven to be demonstrably false, they don’t even pause in their invention of inverted reality, there is always some new fakery on their horizon.

We already know that approximately over 80 percent of media personnel are leftist, and not just leftist, but they are leftists concentrated in a few coastal cities, inventing false reality within their own echo chambers. Furthermore, six corporations own almost the entirety of news corporations.

Although they still have considerable power and influence, the mainstream media’s credibility has sunk like never before. We only have the internet to thank for that.

What is this all about?

It is easy to get lost in the minutia of these scandals and false narratives, but only one question remains to be answered – why is there such a frenzied, hysterical resistance to an objectively moderate president like Donald J.

Trump, who had previously enjoyed respect for decades from the same entertainment, media, and political elites who now relentlessly attack him?

How did we get to the point where Obama officials use government apparatus as their own partisan tools in order to subvert election results and policies that people want implemented? Like the USA is some third-world banana republic.

If you take a step back, it all started with Trump’s immigration comments – an issue that has been on people’s minds for decades, but that has been steadfastly ignored by both parties, Republicans, and Democrats.

The truth is, the USA is undergoing a fundamental demographic transformation. Until the 1965 immigration act, USA was overwhelmingly white, with a black population the only substantial minority.

As such, it enjoyed the free market, small government, continuous rise in the advancement of technology, and low crime rates.

Now, things are completely different, already children are born as majority non-white – Hispanic - and the country itself will become non-white within 30 years or less.

This has severe political and cultural implications, as non-white populations vote heavily on the side of big government, or in short – leftism. And the main promulgator of leftism in the US is the Democrat party. We had unambiguous confirmation of this fact in the recently leaked memo from the Center For American Progress (CAP) Action Fund, which shows that Democrats desperately want to import as many Hispanics as they can, so they can never lose an election again.

What this means is that the already bloated government will continue to expand, incurring more taxation in order to fund the gigantic welfare state and a veritable army of government apparatchiks. This will necessarily reduce the free market – the only generator of wealth and prosperity for the greatest number of people. The US debt is already enormous and unsustainable.

Eventually, the population that fled from failed countries will become a majority, and they will create a failed nation once again. It is a predictable cycle of history that has happened many times before. Even the onset of automation will not be able to prevent it because it will create a permanent unemployable underclass.

Incidentally, consider the absurd narrative of the mainstream media and politicians: immigrants are needed because they take jobs that Americans don’t want, yet at the same time the same media is constantly talking about how the automation will make most current jobs obsolete within the next 20 years.

When you think about the causal chain that is in place here, nothing makes sense. But politics isn’t about making sense, and what is best for people; it is about power and how to achieve power in the shortest time possible. This is why the founding fathers wanted a small government, why this was at the core of their effort in creating this, once great nation.


Whatever is the aftermath of this memo - mass arrests in multiple government institutions and agencies, for the crimes of sedition and perjury, or just backroom deals resulting in a couple of high-tier resignations, we have the privilege of observing in real-time what happens when government gets so bloated that parallel structures within such a monstrous beast emerge, trying to subvert the will of the people.

Or perhaps, the state of affairs has always been so rotten with corruption and endless scheming, and only the age of the internet makes it now possible to watch it all in astonishment and bemusement.