Men will do the birth control.

This is the second of two articles about how Triadic thinking can solve any conflict. The subject has been the insoluble problem of abortion versus respect for life. I answered it above because it happens to be the only answer that makes real sense. It cannot be achieved immediately. But it should be placed on a fast track and advocated by all sides in the dispute. Unfortunately, there will be huge resistance even to the basic idea. So I shall revert to the process I embarked on in the preceding article.

Triadic consideration

Triadic thinking submits reality (the abortion matter) to ethics and aesthetics. In the previous article, I passed the reality through the terms tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy.

I now have concluded that the only solution at present to the problem of abortion is finding an acceptable means of male birth control. This prospect is improved to the extent that there is demand for it. Sadly, the binary heritage of male domination has been sufficiently bothersome to allow men in droves to spurn this approach.

Reversing this shameful posture will take courage and ingenuity, But help is on the way.

Pharma to the rescue

Pharma is hardly up there on a list of heroic enterprises.

It is routinely skewered for milking us for the last dollar. On the other hand, it can command massive resources to solve urgent problems. It is time to make male birth control as important as finding a cure for AIDS and other priority matters. Half of the world's births are inadvertent. This is a failure of consciousness that may rank with violence as most egregious.

What then is the aesthetic conclusion to this?

If you are reading for the first time, triadic thinking is a daily exercise applied to all conscious acts. A triadic individual is one who accepts and works with the elements of what I call triadic philosophy. Reality is first. Ethics is second. And now aesthetic, which seeks the true and the beautiful.

What might that be?

Men coming forward calmly

Men could begin in their messaging to suggest that the responsibility for pregnancy lies largely with them.It is they who are prolific, to put it mildly. It is they who can exert some control over their aggression.

Men can also, as products reach the market, be testers. I long ago had a vasectomy, merely because I was active and felt responsible. A clear plus is to exempt women partners from the need to be the responsible party.

I shall write further on this because my next series will be on population. And there will be Good News on that front to supplement what would be good news if men took more responsibility for their part in producing children.