In probably one of the amusing press conference I've seen in a while, the press got answers yesterday about Trump's health. The president had Dr. Ronny Jackson of Walter Reed, do a press conference after examining him. The doctor was instructed, to take any questions that were tossed at him.

The press took their opportunity to ask all kinds of health-related questions. But they seemed to have lost it a little bit. Going so far as to ask Dr. Jackson everything from, 'does Trump have dentures?' to 'how much T.V is the president is watching?'. I was only surprised the press didn't grill the doctor on Trump's mythological false hair.

Jackson, the same doctor that examined former presidents Bush and Obama, confirmed Trump is in good health

After speculation for months that Trump was mentally ill, had dementia or some other mental disorders, reporters seemed surprised at the revelation that Trump was not only healthy physically, but mentally. This is despite networks going so far as to bring psychologist on, in recent weeks, to confirm their reports that the president is mentally ill.

Press Conference questions were a little surprising and more than a little bit funny

One reporter asked if Trump would be getting only one serving of ice cream from now on. Playing on a scandalous story that alleges Trump got two scoops of ice cream, while others, at The White House, only get one.

Reporters asked if the president had a drug addiction, and about his T.V habits. The question about his T.V habits was answered with a laughable, 'I don't monitor his T.V time.'

One reporter asked, 'how the president could be healthy; after all, he drinks diet coke and eats McDonald's?' which was answered with good genes.

It was when the reporters asked if the doctor was concealing medical information that it started to verge on desperate.

This whole interview went against the narrative that has been pushed by liberal networks

Some networks have gone so far as to bring doctors to diagnose Trump at a distance. He aced the cognitive test, and that flew in the face of all the speculation about Trump in the last year.

Jackson was instructed to answer every question on the president's health, and that is what he did.

Even answering when the questions verged on a bit insane and made you question the media's sanity.

In the end, the doctor joked that he told the president, if he would eat a little better, he could live to be 200. I'm not sure that the press will survive that long, assuming of course that Trump Derangement Syndrome is fatal.