One thin reed of hope that President Donald Trump’s many enemies in the media and elsewhere were leaning on was that some physical or mental deficit would render the excuse to remove him from office under the 25th Amendment. Dr. Ronny Jackson, who has been personal physician to three presidents, dashed those hopes with a nearly hour-long press conference after a thorough Medical Examination in which he gave the president a clean bill of health. The examination included a cognitive test, which POTUS aced.

The state of the president’s health

In some ways the state of Trump’s health is remarkable.

He does not exercise and eats fast food, eschewing all of the healthy lifestyle choices that experts say that is needed to avoid heart attacks and strokes. The president does not get the recommended amount of sleep every night. However, Dr. Jackson suggests that Trump just has great genes.

The cognitive test results were also impressive. Trump aced 30 out of 30 questions, suggesting that he is not losing his mind or has early onset dementia. So much for the fables told in the now discredited book “Fire and Fury.”

Trump health 'trutherism'

Naturally, the news that the president is a healthy man in his early 70s and is likely to remain so through his Term In Office, and possibly the next one as well, did not sit well with the media.

CNN’s Jim Acosta asked Dr. Jackson whether he might be holding anything back. Nope, the good doctor said. This was not the early 1960s when the media conspired to conceal President John F. Kennedy’s sex addiction and his dubious medical regime. Others on social media suggested that Dr. Jackson was not forthcoming about President Trump’s weight.

Now what #NeverTrumpers?

Hot Air suggested that the revelation about President Trump’s state of health was the most disappointing day since the last election. The idea that the silver bullet of the 25th Amendment could be used to get rid of Trump has been dashed, except in the Trump Health Truther movement that is even now forming.

Of course, Trump can still be opposed for both policy and character reasons. Any president will be opposed on policy. The American people do not have a consensus on just about anything. No matter what President Trump proposes, a certain number of Americans will push back against him.

And, let’s face it, Trump hands his enemies a lot of ammunition to fire back at him on character grounds. Bill Clinton could not keep his hands off of women. Donald Trump tweets and even says in person alarming things. He will not stop and so neither will his enemies.