OK. No real News so far today. So how about a game? Might Donald trump self-destruct his way out of the White House? This gives us lots of things to try to put together to form a winning answer. For example, what about evidence which is widespread that Trump did not intend to win the election in the first place? No less an authority than Howard Stern can be Googled if you think this is not the case. Let's assume that whatever gulps went down the Trump craw on the night he found he would become president, he could be over them now.

In other words, the idea that he did not want to be president is a weak reed on which to hang a supposition about self-destruction.

So we proceed to a more contemporary conjecture. Observation of Trump, from near and far, creates a veritable index of items that speak to self-destruction. There is that Yale-based psychiatric gathering that insists that Trump is a danger due to his mental problems. And then there is the author of the book that is indeed news, but a day old so it doesn't count — not in today's world.

The Wolff bark

This is today however and it seems, to me, to count as possible evidence of Trump's shakiness. Repeating oneself is not an example of inebriation as Trump has shunned alcohol since his brother died.

If he is slurring and repeating himself there is a different cause. Chalk up Wolff's hints as possibilities.

Don't forget

This man is President of the United States. It is easy to ignore that. It means Trump is virtually insulated from anything like normal feedback. If he is a little nutty, to begin with, no one who gets close to him will do anything about it but instead, walk on pins and needles to avoid a scene.Of late, he has been making outlandish claims about his nuclear capacities.

It's important to note that, he has no button at all and there is a complex procedure in order to launch a nuclear attack. It requires following written instructions.

There are those who maintain that Trump does not or cannot read. This offers no sure protection but it should ease our minds a tiny bit.

The upcoming physical

You may know that Trump is having a physical quite soon.

Speculation around this will be enormous, given the fact that news could return to full force quite soon. The media has to catch its breath. But seriously, with the nuclear stuff, the ongoing Bannon soap opera, and an apparently objective inference that all may not be quite right with Mr. Trump, can we rule out the possibility that this whole thing will come to an end? Not with Mueller indictments and Congressional actions but with a simple announcement that the president is too indisposed to serve us any longer?