One day the GOP will understand what "enough" means. It has barely changed since it entered our language. "Enough is enough." But these are not even close to normal times. We do not know, no one does, if trump is a madman or a robot some crazed power is using to precipitate mayhem. But at this point, we have no time to reach an opposite diagnosis.

The operative phrase is what the words say -- enough is enough. Period. Sometimes there is nothing to do but act. We have reached that point.

Zap nukes

Nuclear weapons are real. That they have not been used is as much an accident as a sign of copious care.

We should eliminate them, disempower them, see them for what they are.

Put away your images of Hiroshima. Today's bombs have many times the power of that horrendous mistaken bombing.

We are in Dr. Strangelove territory now. Stanley Kubrick is directing Donald Trump in the "precious bodily fluids" scene of that classic film. Reality is all. And consequences are really real.

Can you believe this?

Here is the tweet heard round the world. Yesterday I hypothesized that we were at a point that is serious enough to take us beyond the ephemeral world of tweeting. Today I repent. It took Trump to ensure that his puerile rule will continue in this casual and menacing mode. Here is the evidence.

When I say GOP I boil it down to two gentlemen who have been so egregious of late that I mention them with profound distaste.

Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. Neither man has had the courage up to the time of writing to say enough.

The minute both of them do, we can arrive at the point we are at. The American people are sick and tired of being the plaything of whoever that person in the White House may be.

I realize that those who are with Trump for the ride profess not to care if Trump endangers us by his wordplay. It is cheaper for them to gamble like this than lose the money at the machines.


I have not done the obligatory deep dive to see if I am right. Are all the media in the world up in arms? Have people died yet protesting our baby president?

All I am focused on is breaking the pustule that keeps the GOP from coming home to America, where values rule. They must expel the crazed personage we may or may not have honestly put into office.

End violence

Yes, we are in a drama but it is not a show anymore.

If McConnell and Ryan cannot come forth and end this, they could be looking at an end to history that can happen at the pushing of a button by someone too immature to even contemplate the damage it would do.

Is this the jolt we need to arrive at the task of this century -- to end our addiction to violence?