I propose in 2018 a series of articles that will address themes oriented to spirituality and the spiritual life of humanity.

So, I am Jason Doodle, an editorialist at Blasting News US, and I propose to Debate today, along with the president of the Association Movement of Neopagans from Romania, Olteanu Cosmin, a subject that is of interest to the people studying the religious phenomenon.

Olteanu Cosmin is the president of the Association Movement of Neopagans from Romania and a theologian certified by Universal Life Church.

The debate

Jason Doodle: Mr.

Cosmin, how do you see the current situation of religions?

Cosmin Olteanu: It is noticed, every day, that people's interest in traditional religions decreases. They are often oriented towards agnostic paths or pagan confessions. It is highlighted that they prefer Oriental Pagan cultures such as Buddhism or Hindu religion, or eclectic cults like Wicca.

Jason Doodle: What are the traditional religions?

Cosmin Olteanu: According to the definition given by Emperor Constantine in one of his edicts, the Abrahamic or traditional religions are made up of the three great monotheistic religions, namely Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Jason Doodle: Why do you think this low interest and abandonment of the followers of monotheistic cultures is being highlighted, in favor of other forms of religiosity?

Cosmin Olteanu: As it was written in a study read these days, and published by a German university, we can identify a single cause of this religious skew. Monotheistic religions are very well organized. The fact that they have been resisting around for 2000 years, tells us a lot. The problem is that they lack something. In the last centuries, mankind has changed a lot, and monotheist religion has forgotten to adapt, rather, did not want it, imposing an outdated dogmatism.

The man was tired of being subjected. The man woke up. With Enlightenment, man desires independence, autonomy, and freedom. Monotheistic religion remained stuck in a medieval age. As far as we can see, Catholicism is trying to get out of this temporal bubble.

Monotheism in danger of extinction?

Jason Doodle: Do you think they can adapt to the needs of society?

Cosmin Olteanu: By appealing to my attestation, I tend to say that monotheists if they adapt, they would make it out of the scene much faster than we can believe. NORSK, a pagan religious organization, posted on her Facebook page how a Swedish Christian church wants to adapt Jesus to new neutral gender policies. This is a model of cultural suicide. Biblical, Jesus has the masculine genre. This is just an approach that shows how much hypocrisy, inability and lack of any kind of human ideological foundation exist in Christianity. Unfortunately, the results can be extrapolated. Anti-Islamic and anti-Christian attitudes are becoming more and more common. At least Islamic religion has violated any norms of common sense.

Killing people in the name of one Allah is a good argument to show where he leads an ideology with many problems. I'm sorry to be a witness at these skirmishes, which transform a man into a victim or an aggressor. We argued brother with sister, and mother with a son to fight in whose chest which god is better and infallible.

Jason Doodle: Do you think monotheism has a policy against people?

Cosmin Olteanu: Of course, small children are told that they are born into sin and are raised in demoralization, in a continuous demonization of their humanity. They have serious repercussions on the human psyche and then are produce social failures. Defamation of certain needs imposed by religious leadership leads to the creation of frustrated armies.

Their discovery creates fanatical behaviors or simply a growing lack of interest in these religions and a reorientation.

Jason Doodle: Reporting to the association you are coordinating, why do people join you?

Cosmin Olteanu: Many people come to the MNR because of their open policy to the LGBTQ community. The fact that we consider it natural to be homosexual, to be heterosexual, to be polyamorous, etc. makes the man adhere to the MNR and feel compassionate. When the mold no longer suits the market demand, the mold changes with another. That happens. Other members come to us because they feel that their native religion no longer responds to their spiritual demands, deviating gravely into dogmatism, materialism, selfishness etc.

People are looking for something to spiritualize them. If they do not find themselves, they become a skeptic and reach atheism or agnosticism or come to the pagan communities.

Monotheism follows the traces of the Ottoman Empire

Jason Doodle: Do you want to tell us something?

Cosmin Olteanu: Yes. I mean, we are witnessing the fall of one of the greatest empires dominated by wealth and control of those with weak minds. Their Failure and their fall will echo at the Judgment of the Gods. Gods help us and bless humanity.