After years of being the leader in toy sales, the company will now have to consider taking risks to stay afloat. Toys “R” Us is about to prepare for the worst, as sales have steadily declined, and they are unable to get customers to buy their products.

Toys 'R' Us, what risks will they take?

Toys “R” Us recognized that it was unable to pay its bills without assistance. After nearly 70 years of serving as a toy-filled haven for children and adults alike worldwide, Toys “R” Us executives have been forced to file for bankruptcy. This announcement has affected fall shipment fulfillment and sales and could cause some potentially difficult situations for shoppers, like possibly waiting longer for their items.

Current reports indicate that at least one hundred Stores are going to be closed down in the near future, according to Peterson.

Toys “R” Us is now faced with the battle against lost customer confidence and frayed corporate relationships with manufacturers. Offers of items have additionally been weak enough to not be bought by consumers. Toys “R” Us will soon release more insight about their plans to change and revive the organization, in hopes of keeping the company from being shut down forever.

According to MyFox8, The Retail Industry "just ended one of its most difficult years with a record number of stores Closing”, it was indicated that Toys “R” Us is on the list of companies closing stores, putting them at risk of losing their reputation of being one of the most popular companies and stores in the world.

While Toys “R” Us will likely try to ramp up advertising campaigns in hopes of gaining more customers, their sales during the critical holiday season have already been impacted and declined. However, there is a possibility that something will boost the company because there are a certain amount of Toys “R” Us stores that will have sales with the lowest prices possible in hopes of having more goods sold.

Is risk-taking worth it for Toys 'R' Us?

Companies that are in a financial situation such as the one that Toys “R” Us is facing must undertake some risks, which may involve operational, mechanical, showcase or budgetary risks. For example, while investing millions of dollars in stocks in hopes of making more money may be a smart idea, it is easy to risk losing their investments.

On the off chance that the hazard or risk ends up backfiring, how do finance managers justify it? Even when there are risks out there that are worth taking, some people may not have the ability to assess or implement these riskier strategies.

In any case, some basic changes could attract more consumers, or potential investors, in a problematic situation. In times of turmoil, more risk-taking may be necessary to allow for new business arrangements to bail businesses out of trouble.The global economy is constantly changing, along with consumer habits, a process facilitated by financial developments. Stores like Amazon that have adapted are more likely to be sustainable and succeed. As a result, I predict that Toys “R” Us will close indefinitely by 2020, if not sooner.