The phrase "You asked for it" comes to mind when linking sexual abuse to President Trump. The world has been drenched with the tape in which he suggests that he has free range when it comes to violating the bodies of females to whom he is drawn. He probably picked up a few votes from those who resonate to his stated position. But now there is an unusual twist that may be hard for him to dance around.

Nikki Haley is Trump's representative at the United Nations. She let it be known that she thinks Trump's female accusers should be heard. Ambassador Haley is not known for diverging even a centimeter from her boss, but now there is a grand canyon-sized fissure.

I am sure Trump will be mad. I am sure mad will be too mild a description. Ballistic? Apoplectic?

Maybe not

With Trump, you always have to assume that things that would bring others down will roll off his back. Maybe he will say Nikki has a point. These women have been heard from already. End of story. That is the Trump game. Because he is president, he has the bully pulpit and can depend on the media to give his denials, even if they are not true full visibility.

But things could go the other way. Donald could see Nikki as an enemy. That is how he sees anyone who crosses him. He could fire her and even replace her with Roy Moore if he should lose tomorrow's special election in Alabama. This would count as a sort of "Pardon Joe Arpaio moment," an atrocious pandering to his base.

Gotta keep the base fed.

Always more drama

This is what the intelligent, suburban-urban crowd who also voted for Trump likes. They voted for drama. They voted for what would not bore. They have not been disappointed. Our president is a professional, just as Ronald Reagan was. We are condemned to a future of thespians in the West Wing.

But the drama wears thin when the issue is sexual abuse. This appears to be the time when that issue fans out as it never has before. Getting rid of male domination will take a century, but the current movement will be seen as a major step.

Mrs. Sanders, the president's press secretary, said that all questions regarding Trump's abuse record were answered by his winning the election. But that's wrong.

Swinging the other way

Trump was elected not by his small base but by that group plus the curious and bored -- swing voters all. Swing voters by definition move back and forth. Since Trump took office, the pendulum has swung, and now a clear majority is not happy with Trump, even with all the special effects. We are closer to a denouement than ever. And every Nikki Haley event will draw us ever nearer to a climactic moment.