Donald Trump had promised to build the US-Mexico Border Wall to prevent entry of illegal migrants and drug smugglers into the US. It was an election promise, and rigid specifications were defined for the wall. Subsequently, contracts were awarded to construct the prototypes, and San Diego was chosen as the venue.

Work has already started on the prototypes but, according to CBS8, trouble broke out in Otay Mesa between supporters of the wall and those who are against it. The pro-border wall groups gathered first in support of the revamped border wall, and when counter-protesters arrived at the scene, there was a disturbance with an exchange of words and minor scuffles.

The order was restored by CBP deputies and officers in light riot gear.

Positives of the wall

The rally was hosted by a number of different pro-border wall groups. Congressman Duncan Hunter was also present and he spoke about the US-Mexico border wall, envisaged by Donald Trump, which would have a positive impact on security at the border. Hunter also revealed that San Diego was the only place in the United States that had a border fence, and it has helped to bring down the illegal activities like drug smuggling.

Duncan Hunter added that when unauthorized people and outsiders want to enter the United States, they find it convenient to cross over through the Mexican border. Once that route is blocked, it will be difficult for illegal migrants and drug smugglers to gain entry and the country would be safe.

In his opinion, fences make good neighbors.

It is a complicated issue

The US-Mexico border wall is a complicated issue because it would be nearly 2,000 miles and its cost would run into billions of dollars. During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump had assured that the wall would prevent entry of illegal immigrants and drug smugglers into the United States via the Mexico route.

He had also indicated that Mexico would fund the wall, but there is no confirmation on that aspect. Obviously, the necessary funds would have to be made available through alternative sources.

Incidentally, fences and walls do exist on the border, but they are not continuous ones. There are gaps, and some of these are natural like rivers and bodies of water.

Those who want to enter illegally use these gaps to cross over. Hence, a continuous wall as proposed would help to arrest that trend.

However, critics of the border wall feel that such a structure would have an adverse effect on wildlife because their territories would get divided. The animals would lose their freedom of movement as well as their natural habitats, and a combination of these factors could pose serious threats to their survival.