trump grabs words. He sees them as grips to get him out of the hole he is in. If we get the right word he is toast. But maybe they will get lost in his fog of words. So when the president cries out in triumph, "There was no collusion," he may be right. My own growing sense is that he has always been a stooge. A stooge serves other masters. A stooge does unpleasant stuff.

What if Russia is the master and knows that Trump is no partisan of human rights or democracy. He then becomes Putin's sort of guy. What if the only place Trump could get any money when America's banks caught on to him was Russia?

He has never hesitated to borrow money. Bingo!

Who is Trump, really?

Does the shoe fit? It seems pretty clear to me. I suspect most readers see that so far I have not said much that is a secret or is a big revelation. But there are some subtleties. For example, could we look at what Trump has done through the lens of almost total subservience to Russian interests? If that is true then there would be no need whatsoever to collude about sanctions.

If the cave began decades ago and got activated for real in the period covered by the Steele Memorandum, Trump was hand-in-glove from the get-go and Flynn was made aware of that in some way by Moscow.


Flynn and Trump are allied by ideology. They are genuine wingnuts whose company store happens to be Moscow.

So why did Trump fire his buddy? For the same reason Flynn would have fired Trump had their positions been reversed. Fynn exposed his exuberance or stupidity -- take your choice. Trump held on because he knew his house of cards would be a bit endangered with Flynn gone.

The real question is whether the whole story will ever get told?

Flynn says he will fess up. But I am doubtful he will go beyond Mueller's questions. I cannot see into the recesses of the Mueller probe. But I can hear Trump. He has tried forever to play a Double Game. He is the Wizard of Oz. Right down to the coalescence of fakery and humbug.

Double game

What luck that he can spout Putin positions to his base with nary a blink.

He's not racist. He is the international man of peace who is convinced that he can make peace with Vladimir. That's what he wanted to do in the 1980s when Russia was ending its Soviet phase. The Russians watched and waited and said to themselves that this guy just might be the mark we need.

When Trump with his women and glitzy cache made wealth and capitalism look tawdry, Russia smiled. But money speaks the loudest. Trump's casino failures sealed the deal. They prefigured 2008. Maybe Russia will precipitate a depression by bringing Trump crashing down. Donald should pray as much. That is where things seem to stand.