Have you ever wanted to write a song? I'm sure if you've wanted to in the past, the questions you had may have deterred you. How do musicians write about how they feel in certain situations? Are they writing about a person, or maybe a pineapple? If I finish my song and have it fully recorded How To I get it out to the public? Below are some tips and tricks to help you out!

Process of writing a song

Writing a song is much like writing this article. It is just putting words on a page until you don't know what to write anymore. But, as we all know, Songs have certain feelings and emotions in them.

Where do those feelings come from? When I write songs, I invoke feelings from the subject matter that I am writing about. Again, much like poems. For instance, if I am writing a song about my wife, it's probably going to sound sweet, slightly melancholy, or maybe even super chipper. It might even be a combination of all three emotions.

It literally all comes down to what the writer is feeling at the time. Songs can rhyme, but they don't have to, by any means. In rap music, rhyming is a way to help the musician keep time with the beat. In rock music, rhyming can be used to just simply push the song forward, or to foreshadow an oncoming mood change. If you're listening to a melancholy rock song and one of the lines in the verse goes something like, "I feel locked inside this cage, but can the key be my rage?" then chances are the chorus, or bridge section is going to have a much harder beat.

Adding instruments

You've got your lyrics written down and the emotion in your head, now let's add some actual music. If you're not sure what instruments should be in your song do not worry. This is where creativity becomes your best friend. If your lyrics are kind of sad then you should probably think about using a piano, but who says you can't use an accordion?

This is your song, that you wrote, just take time to think about how you want it to sound.


This is where all the magic of recording music happens. In the mixing stage artists are able to condense and clean all of the recorded vocals, instruments, and add special effects. Being at this stage is where your creativity can also flourish.

When I say you can add sound effects, I mean you can add sound effects like white noise, distortion, reverb, echo, and so many more options. By the time this stage is done your song will be ready to release to the masses.

All in all, the creation of a song is completely up to the artist or artists. Aside from that, you should never create a song for anything other than passion and love for music, spreading a message, or just trying to get a laugh out of somebody, (if the song is supposed to be funny).