Nikki Haley is refreshing to look at and listen to while on the evening news, from her seat at the United Nations. Haley speaks out for a by-gone era of nationalism "on steroids." As the voice for President Trump’s administration at the United Nations, she has obviously been given free reign over her speeches. However, the views on international policy that Haley espouses, on issues from N.Korea to Jerusalem, not to mention her choice of words, are so inappropriate in a modern world that they make the Bush, Cheney, ‘Neo-Con’ world-view look like ‘Kum ba ya.’

Nikki Haley is blunt with her messages

The Vitriol that Nikki Haley emits while in her cozy seat at the U.N.

must just 'charm' international leaders, who possibly yearn for the post cold war, U.S. nationalism 'version 1.0’, put forth by the Bush-Cheney administration. If one remembers, although most Republicans (of which I’m one) choose not to, that Republican administration's rhetoric of ‘man the torpedoes we’re going it alone,' developed international acrimony that may have hastened the events leading to 911, and most certainly led to the disastrous invasion of Iraq.

Driving away allies and enemies alike, all the while undermining the state department and the work of Rex Tillerson, somewhat more than the President himself; Nikki Haley is a real piece of work. What will happen to her career when this administration blows itself up, as it seems destined to do?

Trump's administration may implode either via the ballot box, or some technical legal issues. Trump will fade away at 74 years old with his billions, while his family shake their heads and dust themselves off.

Haley has her whole career ahead of her...or does she?

However, Nikki Haley is relatively young. She has the rest of her career to think about 'coulda-woulda-shoulda.' Nikki Haley at age 49 could have been a viable female presidential candidate.

I dare say, that her experience in the Trump administration will pretty much douse that possibility. Having executed her job as a mouthpiece at the U.N. for Donald Trump so well, she will have overshadowed whatever more diplomatic personal views she might have.

Nikki Haley’s political career will go to the trash heap. A residual of an extreme Republican administration, Haley will become collateral damage similar to that of the careers of Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice.

Powell and Rice were the country’s 65th and 66th Secretaries of State, under George W. Bush. Both of their political careers reached their zenith, arguably as a result of ‘carrying the mail’ for the questionable international policy decisions of the Bush administration. Moreover, because of her relatively short time on the public stage, she could become as irrelevant as Carly Fiorina, the former Hewlett Packard, CEO and short-lived 2016 presidential candidate.