I do not repeat things but this time I am going to do it.

A while ago I hypothesized that the reason Trump held onto Flynn when he should have long since fired him was simple. Flynn and Trump had from the start known the Russians had the goods on the president.

The only one I have seen who comes close to this understanding is Rachel Maddow.

I have no interest in being acknowledged to be right or in originality. I think both claims are silly. I do have a personal interest in having the answer to the mystery.

Knowing all along

All of the stories so far have dwelt on when the President knew this or that and why he did not act if he knew a crime had been committed.

I do not believe Trump has the mental apparatus to know what he does know or when he knew it. He makes it up in response to what he picks up around him. But I am guessing he knows in his deepest recesses exactly why he held on to Mike Flynn.

Steele lives

The famous Steele Memorandum is actually a number of allegations regarding Trump and Russia piled together. Let's just say if some of them are true they are intensely embarrassing to the president. The memo will live until it is factually refuted.

My theory is simple. Whatever is true in that Steele deliverance is known to the highest levels in Russia. I believe this awareness was communicated to Mike Flynn, knowing that he would convey the implicit threat to the president.

Trump in a cage

I think Trump has been running back and forth like a four-footed creature in a cage since he was elected. He has fought with the weapons he always fights with. He uses the ignorance of those around him to spin false narratives. He takes advantage of any angle he can.

Underneath it is the obvious river of truth linking him and Flynn like brothers.

Flynn had dope the Russians had and told Trump long before any of the events Rachel discusses in the video above. The boys were caught out. But no one pressed it.


That explains Trump's amazing shutdowns whenever Flynn is mentioned. That is why he is so mad at Mueller. He still doesn't know what Mueller knows or what Flynn will do or why.

I cannot believe what I am saying has escaped Mueller as at least a possibility.

Trump's stabs at being a president have been furtive because he knows how tenuous his position is. He is throwing darts. He is feeling effects of age, but his mood is more important than these signs. I must assume that his mood is improved if he can actually keep his mind on whatever attack he is engaged with.

If and when my little thesis attains the least bit of traction, it could spell the end of things for Trump. He knew about everything from the start. Everything else is lies and evasions.

Does this make sense?