When one wonders what the biggest story of 2017 is, only two present themselves as contenders. One is the #metoo phenomenon, also called “pervnado,” which started to out sexual predators, ranging from out and out rapists to crude unsocialized males.The other story is the Donald Trump presidency.

What Harvey Weinstein wrought

When Harvey Weinstein was revealed to be a beast who abused and even allegedly raped every female he desired, with a wink and a nod from the rest of the entertainment industry, everything terrible we thought about the culture of Hollywood was verified.

Kevin Spacey tended to confirm that belief. When Matt Lauer and even Garrison Keillor were caught in the pervando dragnet, the liberal mainstream media was revealed to be a cesspool of depravity. Even now, it looks like every other day someone famous is being outed as a sexual predator.

On the one hand, rape should be punished with jail time. Boorish pawing of another human being should fetch less onerous but just as sharp admonishment. However, men and women at every workplace are going to have to figure out what is acceptable and not acceptable behavior. Is telling a female coworker, “You’re looking nice today,” a compliment or a one-way ticket to human resources? Is a hug a warm, friendly gesture or the cause of a legal action?

Harvey Weinstein, like Anita Hill before him, has ruined things for the rest of us.

What about Donald Trump?

Next to Harvey Weinstein, President Donald Trump, who once famously boasted of being able to grab women’s lady parts with impunity and still got elected, has had only a minor effect on the world. He has sparked an economic boom thanks to deregulation and now a tax reform law that few people thought would pass.

He has destroyed the Islamic State. Trump has started to remake the American judiciary system with solid appointments. He has even set America back on a course to go back to the moon.

Considering that every Tweet the president makes is enough to make the media lose its collective mind, the most significant story of 2017 is, running away, the Donald Trump presidency.

The aggravations and irritations of the Obama years are fading into history. With a smirk toward his many enemies, President Trump is, to use his well-worn campaign slogan, making America great again. What the future holds with the former host of "Celebrity Apprentice" firmly ensconced in the Oval Office, is hard to say. However, it is undoubtedly going to be exciting.