As this is written, the Donald Trump presidency is a week old. A lot has already been written about what our orange-haired overlord has accomplished in just seven days, including starting the border wall, the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, ending a number of Obama-era regulations, and making the media’s heads explode on a daily basis. But nothing has been written about what hasn’t happened. Simply put, the Trumpocalypse has no signs of having begun yet.

Black-clad Stormtroopers are not fanning out across the country, dragging illegal aliens screaming from their homes and workplaces to be shipped in railroad box cars back to their home countries.

Muslims are not being taken away to relocation camps that have been set up in the desert south west and Alaska.

A 100 percent tariff on all goods imported from Mexico, China, and every other country the president is annoyed with this week has not been imposed.

Global warming advocates are not being arrested for thought crimes and being sent somewhere to get their minds right.

Along those lines. Rosie O’Donnell and Lena Dunham remain at liberty.

The marriages of gay people have not been systematically annulled.

Hospitals have not been emptied of people who cannot pay for their healthcare.

The guys with the water-soaked cloths and thumbscrews have not been dispatched to Gitmo.

Sexual harassment has not been made mandatory.

A thousand foot statue of Donald Trump, sheathed in gold, has not been ordered to be built on the Washington Mall.

The police have not been authorized to shoot black people on sight based on their sole discretion.

Millennials are not being forced to fight one another to the death for our amusement. Indeed, we are not even being allowed to hunt them for sport.

Cameras are not being required by Homeland Security to be installed in every living room and bedroom in America.

The zombie virus, not doubt designed to get rid of ISIS, has not escaped from secret government labs to turn most of humanity into the flesh eating undead.

So if President Donald Trump is going to bring about a dystopia and the long night of tyranny, he had best hurry up if he wants to make that happen. Otherwise, there will be a lot of embarrassed people hanging around social media.