As this year comes to a close, it has become obvious that Donald Trump is in desperate need of a thesaurus and dictionary. His repetitive use of Words is beyond nauseating and employs a tactic which our president has become very adept at. Have it barred.

The government’s latest move against the English language was reportedly the barring of the words "fetus," "diversity," and "science-based," among others from CDC official documents. The Department of Health and Human Services calls this reporting a “mischaracterization.” Regardless of what the government is calling this move, it is the last straw for me.

I am exhausted by this administration's constant proclamations of innocence and cries about how Donald and staff cannot catch a break. It is more than apparent that we are currently a nation of few words and fewer brains. I decided it was time that I did something about it. Below are words I hope are no longer uttered as we enter into a new year.

Utter no more

Here is my short list of words that need to disappear from Donald's Trump's vocabulary in 2018. They include: huge, moron, liar, slob, wall, tax reform, fake news, re-election, you’re fired, big business, stupid, tough, brand, polls, ugly, loser, retarded, grotesque and of course, p----. Then there is the president's most curious word, "covfefe." Actually, "covfefe" is such a ridiculous word, it should stick around for awhile, if for the sole purpose of reminding us that we have reached the lowest of levels.

Barredwords, support the cause

Are you as tired as I am of hearing these words? If so, I have a few ideas on how we can raise our nation from the depths of ignorance. First and foremost, it should be mandatory that every household, including that of the White House, owns and uses a dictionary and a thesaurus.

However, if the president ignored the dictionary and thesaurus requirement, I would be happy to the stock the White House and Capitol Hill with “Word of the Day” toilet paper.

In doing so, I would provide Donald Trump and his cronies the opportunity to use proper wordage, albeit, just before flushing it down their golden thrones.

Secondly, maybe social media apps could display an “ignorance ahead” alert or emoji when a person tweets or posts the barred words to any followers. Lastly, perhaps cell phones could have a voice recognition “Word of the Day” lock screen that would only unlock after the user pronounces the day's required word and uses it in a sentence correctly. I am not one for censorship, even with these radical ideas. However crazy it may seem, barring these words can only make us better as individuals and as a nation.