Three Values are presented by Triadic Philosophy as Covering the whole of ethics. Anyone practicing philosophy is propounding categories. It is onerous to claim that one's categories are great. But that, of course, is what their originator thinks.

My caveat is that categories are useful, mainly, in the context of the philosophy in which they appear. I believe my three ethical categories are logical and well-taken. The categories are Tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy.


They are logical because their full strength combined creates good, and ultimately, progress.

Logic is rational thinking toward a conclusion. Logic leads eventually to good.

The values are well-taken because they summarize characteristics that emerged from what I would call a focus group of some 6,000 American teens who were influenced by the gospel of Mark.

I believe these three values are a distillation of the essence of Jesus' teaching. They are a means of making his teaching universal. They are a guide to good living.

Here is what I get from these three values.


Tolerance, to me, is the first action value because it is personal. Yet its reach is inclusive. Our universality is lodged within us.

Tolerance means strength. It takes immense strength to stand up where there is exclusion, cruelty, or any other ill.

All should be encouraged to practice tolerance. We need a world that honors inclusion, acceptance, and respect.

Tolerance is a dance. It is graceful and supple. It is capable of skirting dangers and weaving in and out of difficult situations.


Helpfulness has two explicit meanings. The overall meaning is simply, openness to others, being available to assist in any way.

Helpfulness is also education and enablement. Education should be free and universal. It should be available to all. Enablement is, literally, helping all to be effective at what they do. It is ensuring that all have the skills and artistry needed to succeed.

All of life should be aimed at ends, acts, and expressions. Everyone has talents.

We need to see that all abilities reach full flower. Education and enablement are key to making a better world possible.


Democracy is cutting everyone in on governance with a right to vote and run for office. But it is much more. It is also the rights that all people possess and their defense. Democracy's logical end is the attainment of the goal of Triadic Philosophy. That is to achieve a world without the conflicts that result in violence.