As both Legal Insurrection reports, Hillary Clinton fans went ballistic on social media at a Vanity Fair video that suggested that the twice-failed presidential candidate, among other things, take up knitting. Two questions present themselves. Hillary Clinton still has fans? And, what is so wrong about knitting?

The health benefits of knitting

The Clinton fan club is outraged at the suggestion that their woman take up knitting because they think it is sexist, akin to telling her to get to the kitchen and start baking cookies. However, as Lifehack informs us, knitting can be quite therapeutic, and a means of recovering mental health.

Considering the psychic shock Clinton received at the hands of Donald Trump, knitting may be just what she needs. It helps to alleviate anxiety and depression. Knitting has some of the same benefits as meditation. The craft is especially helpful for an old person such as Ms. Clinton as it helps to encourage retention of motor function and slows cognitive decline.

What else could Hillary Clinton do?

Mind, some of the other suggestions that Vanity Fair had for the former first lady, senator, and secretary of state seemed silly. Writing yet another book appears superfluous unless it contains something that Clinton has been loath to do, like telling the truth. Unlike Richard Nixon, who wrote a number of books on foreign policy to rehabilitate himself after Watergate, Hillary Clinton has nothing to say about the issues of the day.

She might make a stab at explaining Benghazi, but what would be the point now?

Hillary Clinton’s main problem is that she likely doesn’t have a lot of time left, considering her age and rumors of ill health. Former President Barack Obama, who also has a lot to answer for, could conceivably grow a beard and dreadlocks, ditch the Secret Service detail, hop on a motorcycle and go find America.

In fact, such a journey of discovery would be the basis of a Netflix documentary miniseries. In any case, Hillary Clinton and Harley Davidson are two pairs of words that usually do not usually share the same sentence.

If Ms. Clinton doesn’t like knitting, then learning to cook could be an option, though she should find a mentor suitable for her temperament.

Gordon Ramsey would be right out. Giada de Laurentiis is a possibility, but the real choice for a cooking instructor for Hillary Clinton would be someone else who is in need of rehabilitation, Paula Deen, who used to be a famous Food Network star, was banished to the outer darkness for admitting to saying the word that no one should ever say ever.

Deen has actually started a nationally syndicated show, “Positively Paula,” that is going to feature cooking and lifestyle elements. Who better to be a celebrity guest than Hillary Clinton? They could cook some southern fried chicken together while discussing life as older women who have hit speed bumps late in life.